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Wash Basin Singapore

Wash Basin Singapore

Are you having a difficult time to determine which type of bathroom sink is suitable in your toilet?

Here are some of the bathroom ideas of wash basin types that you need!

Wall hung basin

This old type of wash basin has large fix brackets like shelves. it is mounted on the wall and it gives a solid support for the basin. It is suggested that the wash basin is attached to a stud wall by installing the mounting board. There is a disadvantage of wall hung basin; it usually comes with plumbing issue because of the trunking system. This type of basin comes in varied size from 300 to 500 mm of width.

Pedestal wash basin

The pedestal wash basin can support the basin because it is designed to be placed on the floor and provides a ‘hidden’ compartment to place the waste pipes and water supply out of sight. The common size of wash basin width varies from 400 to 700 mm. The different dimension usually comes from different manufacturers.

Counter top basin

Counter top basin needs a large space because it usually is built as part of one unit. If you need storage space, the counter top type is suitable for your spacious bathroom and it also helps to hide the piping system unsightly behind or within the vanity unit. The counter top is preferred by modern homes because of the style and the ideal versatility.

Corner basin

As you go to bathroom warehouse, you will be seeing this space-saving basin. It is ideally used for cloak room with a small size and mounted on the wall. It conceals the piping system and some modern designed corner basins are enhanced with box or frame to support the basin in the corner. It’s practical and saves loads of space because the size is often small.

Wash Basin Singapore

Recessed basin

If your toilet is equipped with recessed basin, you can have an advantage of panelling it on the wall and place your stuffs under the basin where the cabinet is placed. There are various types of recessed basin from wood to stainless and with its practicality and durability, recessed basin is getting preferred these days.

Now that you understand bathroom basin types, you can easily pick the most suitable hardware for your bathroom without neglecting the style and also its function .

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