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Toilet Design Singapore

Always separate shower area from your wash basin

If you want to update your bathroom look, toilet renovation is sometimes necessary. There are many tips that tell you how to revamp your bathroom but the tips will go through details as to which part you should perform the renovation and purchasing the right bathroom warehouse.

The fixtures

Your pedestal sink can give your bathroom a lift. It has graceful highlight rather than blocky and take too much space. You can also choose classic tub like claw foot or sculptured sides. Simple but elegant – this beauty will definitely change how your shower space looks.

Try the tub before you buy

Funny but true. When you buy a tub, you should sit in it and see how that makes you feel. Everybody should do this because sometimes, what you think is bigger, isn’t always better. You should feel the comfort the arm rest, neck rest, try them on for at least a couple of minute. If you really need a small tub, you should buy the deep one.

The flooring

Flooring is necessary for any toilet design. Whether it’s marble or stone, make sure that it has a high durability against wet and humid condition. Water resistant and slip-resistant should also come hand in hand. The hardwood flooring can also make a great floor that add warmth during cold days.

Stylish brass mirror

Another small toilet renovation is to hang your new stylish mirror with unique shape. This can help your grooming session and also act as decorative attribute. Simply, wall mount each corner and install suitable lightings so you can have better illumination while shaving or applying your makeup.

Shower area

Always separate shower area from your wash basin. Make sure that when you take a shower, the whole room doesn’t get wet. Instead, only that particular area that you use. Apply well designed plumbing system and use the standard shower and taps that are suitable for the condition. Always have an area of dry place.

Toilet Design Singapore

Take advantage of your space

Your bathroom may be limited in term of space but don’t let it hinder you from creating the comfy bathroom. To maximize a space, you need to design carefully. Interior depth is also necessary so you can have all the hardware fit in the room. Also consider the lighting that works. Not necessarily a dramatic light but simply by using combination of LED, halogens to create the right shadows and brightness.

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