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Toilet Bowl Singapore

If you are working on improvement of comfort and functionality in your bathroom, toilet renovation is a possible way to go. Bathroom is the personal space we visit on a daily basis so it is definitely one of the most important rooms of everybody’s home. In order to match our needs we apply the needed changes. With the help of Lights n Showers you can transform your bathroom to pamper zone you deserve, and as essential part of its functionality, toilet renovation is a good start.

If you have decided to take this step, that could mean you are not satisfied with current toilet in few matters: sturdiness, reliability, spacing and style. We assure you that we have assortment of toilets with high performance and stability. We have the standard one-parted toilets and for more luxury, two part toilets with bidet, depending on how much you are willing to spend on toilet renovation.

If you have a smaller space at your disposal you can consider of installing wall hung toilet. They are all well designed and, of course, with high performance. It is preferred choice in Europe. It is so because of few advantages over other choices:

  • The saving of space – its water tank is built behind a wall so it doesn’t use interior space.
  • It is highly adjustable to all sizes of users, be it a child or a grown man.

Composting toilet is the choice if you’re interested in more “green” toilet renovation. It is quite an eco-friendly way to go as the toilet is self-contained and waterless and it works with zero energy. This environmental product also saves a lot of money for the customers by not using water.

You can check more toilet renovation options at Lights n Showers shop, based on Lavender Street, Singapore. Here you can find so much more from that. With over 1000 products at our disposal, we can improve almost every part of your home. You can address to our working staff if you have any question or if you don’t understand something, but be certain in one thing – we will find the best option for you. If you have too much on your plate to come in person, you can find the gallery of products on our web page. If something attracted your interest you have an online purchase option and of course, our contact information.