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What Lights Singapore Up: LED-ing the way

LED does not stand alone in what lights Singapore

Lights Singapore

Singapore has the highest standard of living in the world. A diverse, multicultural population thriving in an urban-industrial setting enjoy the conveniences and joys of city living, but also face particular challenges in the design and development of space. It is an urban haven that often features in its structures’ designs a combination of elegance, simplicity, and luxury. However, high-rise developments coming up adjacent to other high-rise developments can interfere with the flow of natural light. Artificial lighting is thus an important part of what lights Singapore. After all, the look and feel of any place is at least partially made up of how it is lit, and more and more, we find that what lights Singapore up is LED (light-emitting diodes).

LED lights have been flooding into more and more homes in Singapore. Originally, they were thought to be too expensive for mainstream consumption and exclusively for outdoor installations (such as gardens, signage, automobiles, etc.) LED light is generated by the marriage of both positively and negatively charged currents. These lights turn on quickly, and have changeable intensity. In recent years, LED has not only become increasingly accessible to the general population, but has also penetrated the interior design space.

Despite relatively higher costs at the onset, making (or should we say flipping) the switch to LED is not a difficult one. These lights are the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly option available in the market today. On average, they last three times longer than CFL bulbs and eight times longer than incandescent bulbs, they use up much less electricity, and they leave behind a significantly lower amount of harmful waste than any other kind of light bulb. They produce bright and directional light, allowing for dramatic and targeted illumination. The way that LED lights Singapore creates and highlights texture for any and every interior space.

The way that an interior is lit conveys two important things about the space: what it’s for and how it’s supposed to feel when you’re there. For many, the use of LED in the interior space seems limited. Typically, LED light is bright and white. Downlights are an excellent for work or study, dining, and bathroom spaces. Typically, several of these downlights are installed in the ceiling, which creates an even spread of light throughout the room. A separate, but larger bulb array in a docked ceiling or in the form of a chandelier can be used in combination with these smaller bulbs as well.

Simple installations such as these are practical and suit any interior design. Downlights can also be more unique statement pieces that add flavour or dimension to an otherwise very simply designed room. With the increasing popularity of LED in the mainstream market, industrial designers have begun to develop more creative installations and products.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. Light does not just come from above, and the LED that lights Singapore is no one-trick pony. The key to creating variability is in the use of different angles and levels of installation. LED cove lights and strips are best suited to floor or ankle-level installations. When attached to kitchen cabinets or steps, these will create an underglow that floods the structures, as well as the floor with light. It emphasizes details and textures in nearby structures. Note that LED lights are often small and do not emit much heat, which makes them ideal for backlight and good for lighting up all the little nooks and crannies of the home or work space. It is easy to get creative with LED lighting: you can use it as backlight for the bathroom mirror to project that signature white glow onto the face while getting ready for the day, place it in the closet in order to see garments’ textures and angles from a different perspective, or use it to light up art installations or pictures. Contrary to popular belief, LED light does not just come in white. There is a wide selection of colours to choose from, and the proper use of coloured light can create interesting moods and solve the problem of tricky-to- match interiors.

Lights Singapore

Flexible, powerful, and dynamic, LED lights Singapore in an endless number of ways. They are excellent for the minimalist, modern, and industrial design palettes that dominate Singaporean interiors. These styles emphasize discrete boundaries, and often feature monochromatic or colour palettes with a very limited range. Concentrated intensity of light can be utilized for highlighting statement pieces in the design, and key structural aspects. This kind of lighting easily creates clean lines. At the same time, there is the potential for increased variability in texture and colour. Bright and focused light makes clear shadows. With the abundance of flat surfaces in the modern, industrial, and minimalist designs, the surfaces on which said shadows are cast carry them in a way that can shift and manipulate perspective. What would have been a monochromatic kitchen counter now appears to be two or even three-toned if it catches the light in a way that creates both a highlight and a shadow.

LED does not stand alone in what lights Singapore, but it is beginning to dominate the lighting fixture industry here and across the world. If the major benefits of energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness are not enough to pull you over from the dark side, the increasing popularity and penetration of LED light into mainstream consumption has brought about the creation of more innovative and interesting designs. These increasingly creative designs have brought about the use of LED light fixtures in new, exciting, and unique ways. This is an opportunity to get even more creative and come up with more and more dynamic design options. Combinations of simple and complex fixtures, as well as the use of multiple levels of installation can be explored for the development of new design styles, or the furthering of modern, industrial, and minimalist trends in Singaporean interior design. What are your ideas about LED as what lights Singapore today? Can you suggest any more new and interesting ways that LED lights can be used in the home and in the work place?

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