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Led Downlight Singapore

Flooring is getting popular to make a statement on a plain space

Led Downlight Singapore

Need an inspiration for your toilet design? Let’s have a look at the 2015 trend in bathroom design

Natural and minimalist

Urban dwellers prefer natural beauty and that includes their bathroom design. If you want to have a serene looking bath room that makes it a comfortable sanctuary, you can choose natural colors and infuse it with minimalist decoration for the bathroom accessories. Serene toilet can really calm the mood. To create a naturally beautiful toilet, you can combine stones and wooden panels or luxury bath with a countertop from marble.

Floor tiles

Flooring is getting popular to make a statement on a plain space. The extensive choices of tiles can be striking or effortlessly subtle and you can’t be hurry when picking the right tiling for your bathroom. Stunning flooring can be obtained from glossy tiles and for country bathroom, you can opt for wooden panels. Tiles are also perfect if decorating the wall or playing with lighting seems challenging.

Smart shower design

Today is the trend of smart fixtures. You can choose from multiple thermostatic mixer or touch screen shower to square shaped toilet bowl. Yes, they do exist and with a little design on the bathroom interior, you can create that smart and elegant bathroom.

Designed vanity unit

If your space seems challenging to opt for conventional and standard vanity unit, why not design a customized set that will exactly fit your space. From cupboard to the basin inset, you can actually hire an interior designer to help you get the best furniture with the best material for your very own bathroom. Customized vanity allows home owner to add storage or create smart bathroom according to their preference.

Led Downlight Singapore

Unique Bath tub

Today, bath tub can have two feature, functional and decorative. With the constant love of minimalist, today’s bath room is filled with all of the antiquities and the freestanding bath tub that looks contemporary. It gives a sense of airy space and freedom because you can actually place it without order. Choose striking design or bold color that could highlight your plain bathroom. While you are thinking about the aesthetic feature, don’t forget the relaxation feature as well. A bathroom is a symbol of private place. You should create the best just like how you design your bed room. It’s part of your self indulgence – an escape from the hustle bustle of the city!

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