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Bidet Spray Singapore

The bidet spray Singapore presents cleanliness on a completely different level which is hardly comparable to other traditional methods of cleaning. In comparison to the use of a douche or wipes, the bidet offers a more effective and hygeinic approach of cleaning. The contraption features high pressure water coming out of its nozzle that effectively gets the job done without having to – literally – get your hands dirty.

Top 5 Reasons why bidet spray Singapore is the way to go

Bidet Spray Singapore

Bidets are used all over the world but surprisingly, these are not a common fixture in homes in the United States. Despite having numerous advantages, some people are still doubtful to use a bidet. Bathroom habits are not a common subject to discuss among peers because most consider this as a sensitive topic to talk about. At first glance, the thought of owning a bidet may seem odd but it does present numerous benefits that, later on, will make it a practical choice.

Initially, like with most unfamiliar contraptions, one may feel hesistant with the bidet spray Singapore. Those that have made the transition from wiping and douche to the use of a bidet cannot even imagine going back to the old days. Using a bidet will definitely affect the bathroom habits of a person since it provides more ease, comfort and makes the experience more enjoyable than the usual.

1.) Improving cleanliness and hygiene

The traditional way of going to the bathroom involves the use of a toilet paper when you’re done. This works for most people but unfortunately, it isn’t the most hygienic or comfortable way to “clean up”. In contrast, the bidet shoots out pressurized water out of its nozzle which helps to push the dirt and debris away from the skin surface. Immediately after use, it leaves a refreshingly clean feeling without any residues.

Appliances like the bidet spray Singapore is found in homes not just in the US and Europe but all across the world. The bidet comes in different shapes and sizes and has offers multiple features that a buyer can select from. For example, some bidets offer a warm water function which offers a soothing feeling on the skin during use. There are also bidets that are incorporated into toilet seats that offer a seat warming option for the user.

2.) Budget friendly

Toilet paper seems to be the economical choice since it is obviously cheaper to purchase but when calculated in a long term aspect, it costs more than a bidet. Aside from helping out the environment, the use of a bidet will have a positive impact on your long-term expenses. In addition to this, avoiding toilet paper altogether can lead to less or no plumbing problems which also reduces the chances of having to hire a plumber and incurring pluming repair expenses.

3.) Eco-friendly

Imagine how much toilet paper a person has used in their lifetime everytime they need to go to the bathroom then multiply that by the total number of people in a particular region in the world? Can you picture just how many trees have been sacrificed just for the sake of creating toilet paper? Aside from the vital role that trees play in the production of toilet paper, an enormously large amount of water is also an essential element required in creating this product. Aside from the raw materials, there are other factors that must be considered which contribute to poor environmental practices such as transport and packaging. The latter commonly involves the use of non-biodegradable plastic.

The simple use of a bidet can greatly affect the consumption and demand for toilet paper. Aside from the hygeinic advantages, the use of a bidet will help save our environment. Each household owning a bidet can immediately reduce the amount of trash they produce by simply switching to bidets instead of toilet paper.

Bidet Spray Singapore

4.) Dermatologically advantageous

Wiping with a toilet singapore paper after using the bathroom can be abrasive to the skin leading to irritation resulting in bumps and rashes. Anyone who has done this can attest to the fact that this is not the most comfortable way to “clean up”. This can prove to be most challenging for people who have hypersensitive skin which makes them extra sensitive to skin abrasions. The bidet spray Singapore offers a hygienic and comfortable alternative.

Aside from skin problems, the use of toilet paper can also be very uncomfortable for certain medical conditions. Some of these conditions include: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, rectal conditions, anal prolapse and the like. For such cases, a bidet would be the most logical choice. These conditions are already painful and uncomfortable on their own, the use of a bidet can provide a certain level of comfort. The warm water feature can aid in soothing pain and inflammation for conditions such as hemorrhoids.

In addition to this, long term use of toilet paper can also cause anal itching. This condition often results from friction caused by repeated wiping. A person with a disability who is unable to wipe himself using toilet paper may also find a bidet much more convenient to use and eliminates the need to ask for assistance.

5.) Plumber-friendly

One of the biggest concerns most households encounter is plumbing problems caused by clogged toilet paper. Everyone knows that we should not flush the toilet paper down the toilet after use but somehow this always seems to happen. The bidet spray Singapore can eliminate this problem easily because it takes away the need to use toilet paper altogether. A large fraction of toilet paper use can be removed simply with a bidet and by opting to add the air dry feature, toilet paper use can be reduced to zero.

The simple choice of having a bidet installed in your bathroom provides numerous advantages for not only for your hygiene but your budget as well. The enivronment friendly advantages of a bidet greatly outweigh the use of an ordinary douch or toilet paper. Try a bidet spray Singapore today and see what you’ve been missing out on!

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The Great Benefits of Singapore Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Singapore energy saving light bulbs have some benefits to your home as well as the environment

Singapore Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Singapore energy saving light bulbs have some benefits to your home as well as the environment. If you have not decided to have these features in your home, you probably do not know yet where to start or you are concerned that going green would cost you money and time that you could not afford.

You could actually start by simple swapping the regular incandescent light bulbs to energy-efficient lights. There would be huge savings in energy and money if every household in Singapore swaps just one bulb. This would cost you less than $20 and it will not take too much of your time.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Today, there are two types of energy saving light bulbs on the market: light-emitting diode (LED) and compact fluorescent lights (CFL).

LEDs are small bulbs that contain leads and the movement of electrons power them. This advanced type of technology replaces the filament found inside a standard incandescent bulb.LED bulbs last longer because they do not have filament to burn out and they are less bulky because they do not have filament to house.

CFL is one of the other Singapore energy saving light bulbs. This is a more powerful and a light-bulb version of the regular fluorescents light strips. You can screw CFLs into the standard light sockets. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes and they provide similar lighting effects to standard incandescent bulbs.

Benefits of Energy Saving Lighting

Perhaps the clearest benefit that LED and CFL lights offer is that they require much less energy to function compared to standard incandescent bulbs. Have a look below to find out how energy saving light bulbs can save you money and save the planet at the same time.


Compared to an incandescent bulb, a CFL light bulb is four times more efficient. CFLs can also last up to 10,000 hours, which is 10 times longer compared to an incandescent bulb. LED light bulbs are even more efficient because they could last up to 100,000 hours. This means that even if you leave these bulbs for 24 hours every day, it could still last for more than 11 years. Moreover, LED lights could lessen your electric bill by up to 90%.

Lower Greenhouse Emission

Using Singapore energy saving light bulbs can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If you replace one incandescent light bulb with an energy saving light bulb, you reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to half a ton. If every Singapore home switched just a single bulb, it will prevent greenhouse gases emission equal to what comes from more than 12,300 vehicles on the road.

Savings of Electricity

While energy saving light bulbs are more expensive compared to incandescent bulbs, they provide great savings over their lifespan because they last longer and use less amount of energy.


You can use Singapore energy saving light bulbs to replace incandescent light bulbs. Some CFL light bulbs are now available to work on 3-way lamps as well as on dimmer switchers.


LED light bulbs can stand up exceptionally well to strain from jarring and bumping. Moreover, because they do not contain a filament, they do not break as quickly as incandescent bulbs.

Costs of Energy Saving Lights

CFL light bulbs prices are ranging from $3 to $20 and can have energy savings of about $40 to $80. Your energy savings are obviously more than the initial costs of CFLs. LEDs are more expensive compared to CFLs, but their lifetime energy savings can more than offset the difference.

Disadvantages of Energy Saving Lighting

LED and CFL light bulbs are great sources of Singapore energy saving light bulbs, but they are not perfect. Here is a list of the limitations that you need to consider before deciding on having these energy saving lights:

1.) Warm-up time – repeated on-and- off cycling of CFLs could greatly lessen their rated lifespan of 10,000 hours. You could avoid placing this type of lights in closets and other areas where you just need a light for a few moments.

2.) Dimmers and timers – not all CFL light bulbs would fit a dimmer switch because some of them may produce inconsistent or poor quality light and produce an irritating buzz. There are CFL lights that are compatible with a dimmer switch, but they are more expensive than regular CFL lights. Likewise, not all CFL lights are fit to use for a timer. If you use an incompatible light bulb, it could lessen the rated lifespan of the CFL light bulb.

Singapore Energy Saving Light Bulbs

3.) Bathrooms and outdoors – high humidity and extreme temperatures can lessen the rated lifespan and light levels of Singapore energy saving light bulbs. If you intend them to use in the bathroom or outside, check out the package of the CFL if it is compatible.

4.) Color – a lot of people complain that CFLs produce cold or harsh lighting effects. However, this is an issue that is declining because of enhanced technology.

5.) Mercury – CFL lights have trace amounts of mercury, which is a neurotoxin considered to be particularly harmful to fetuses and children. A CFL may contain up to 5 mg. of mercury, which is 1/600th of the amount of mercury found in outdated mercury thermometers. This is much less the amount released by burning coal that electric plants use in order to fuel a less-efficient incandescent bulb.

In spite of the small amount of mercury in a CFL, this number remains a concern because it can be emitted into the environment if the light is disposed of improperly or gets broken. It is therefore important to be aware of the recycling programs and safe clean-up methods to maximize the excellent benefits of CFL to the environments.

As an alternative, consumer could use the other type of Singapore energy saving light bulbs – the LED, which does not have any of the limitations of the CFL. However, when it comes to cost and field of light, CFL lights win this category. LEDs cost at least double and normally more expensive by up to 10 times than CFL light bulbs. However, as new technology improves and costs continue to go down, LED lights and their great efficiency might soon become the preference of green lighters.

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Choose Bidet Singapore and Have a Better Bathroom Experience

The bidet Singapore is an invaluable tool for the health of every member of the family

Bidet Singapore

The bidet Singapore is an efficient device that offers a more hygienic, affordable and environmental-friendly bathroom solution. It is also easy to install and does not take up too much bathroom space. When you use toilet paper in cleaning yourself, you do not get the same level of cleanliness as when you use water. Toilet paper can cause skin irritation and encourage the spread of microbes. This is why many people are following the practice of using a bidet and renovating their bathrooms just to make room for the inclusion of a bidet and other similar devices.

Instead of a pre-owned bidet that is usually attached to the bathroom wall, some people use a bidet spray an as alternative. A bidet spray can be installed to your toilet and it gushes out a jet of clean water after you use the toilet. This provides similar benefits as bidet that is individually installed. Instead of simply wiping your privates, it is more ideal to use a bidet for a more enhanced personal hygiene.

Health Benefits

The bidet Singapore is an invaluable tool for the health of every member of the family. Regular utilization of a bidet can significantly improve your hygiene, making it a much better alternative in place of using bathroom tissue. When you use water to wash, you certainly feel much cleaner. Likewise, you prevent the spread of germs and other harmful elements.

Patients with medical conditions such as hemorrhoids also benefit from bidet utilization. Toilet paper can irritate sensitive skin in the perennial area and does not provide a complete-cleaning sensation. This also applies to old-aged people who have less mobility, and to young children who are not yet able to clean themselves. Further, using bidets can relieve constipation-related discomfort and provide ease and soothing effect to pregnant mothers. For this reason, more and more households, hotels, as well as hospitals and health centers, include bidet Singapore in their toilet facilities.

Environmental Benefits

Bidets can reduce and even eliminate the need for toilet accessories paper. This practice does not only save you money on paper products, but also reduces your carbon footprint as you lessen your paper wastes over time. In addition, bidets also lower the spread of a number of common pollutants that are present in regular bathroom tissue.

Households that utilize bidet can also cut their water consumption down by 75 percent. More advanced bidets even have a power-saving function which calculates the time of day the bidet is most frequently utilized and turns itself off when not in use. This leads to optimal energy savings and water conservation.

Bidets in Hospitals

Toilet seat bidets are gaining increased popularity as an inclusion in hospital bathroom facilities. Elderly people, as well as the disabled and those who don’t have the ability to clean themselves, benefit from the use of bidet Singapore. Bidet makes washing easier and most patients can utilize this tool without any assistance. Some bidets even include a remote control which can be mounted on the wall. These are great for people with impaired mobility.

Bidet Options

Bidets come in a range of styles, shapes and prices. If you browse through some websites dedicated to home and décor, you will find many design variations. This is done so to suit everyone’s budget, preference and sensitivity level. Some bidets are quite expensive but if you browse further, you will eventually find a more cost-effective bidet Singapore that you can afford. A cheaper bidet does not mean a less-functioning one. It offers
similar health and environmental benefits as the more expensive bidets.

Many recent bidet designs feature built-in air fresheners that filter the air and eliminate unpleasant smell. Other advanced features of bidets include carbon filters, safety components and evening lights. Bidets also come with different water pressures. They may have normal, increased or reduced pressures. But no matter the pressure, the most important thing is that the bidet Singapore provides more effective cleansing than toilet paper ever could.

There is also a hose-pipe type of bidet, typically called bidet shower, that is hung beside the toilet. After you’re done using the toilet, simply reach for that hose and clean yourself with a gush of clean water. Use water in washing for more effective hygiene maintenance.

Bidet Singapore

Why You Should Opt out of Toilet Paper

When it comes to personal hygiene, toilet paper is not really the best choice. Simply wiping the dirt off any part of your body doesn’t remove the germs that may have resided on the surface of your skin. If you do not wash that dirty body part with clean water immediately, the germs and other microorganism can enter your body and cause several types of diseases.

If you use only bathroom tissue after using the toilet, there is a big possibility that your hands can acquire the fecal bacteria that are likely to spread if not cleansed properly. This insufficient cleaning practice is a known cause of food poisoning and other kinds of infection. But since bidet Singapore offers a hands-free approach to cleaning, it eliminates the likelihood of bacterial contamination.

Patients who suffer from urinary tract infection (UTI) often develop rashes around the private parts of their body. Since regular toilet paper contains various colors, scents and other pollutants, these rashes can further aggravate and result to a more serious condition. A bidet does not only prevent such cases of infection but it also aids in alleviating discomfort caused by constipation and cramps.


Poorly-maintained hygiene is not only a turn-off, it has many negative consequences on our health as well. As bidets offer a number of both health and environmental benefits, there is no reason why anyone should not use a bidet. Bidet Singapore takes our hygiene standards far higher than we could ever imagine. If everyone uses it, we will all feel more sanitized and our environment will likewise become healthier. So if you’re still using toilet paper in your home, it’s time to make the smartest move and say goodbye to it. Get a bidet instead to have a much better and more efficient bathroom experience.

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Important Roles of Good Lighting to Find Out Where to Buy Lights in Singapore

Good lighting creates an illusion that a small place

Lights in Singapore

Interior designing is not all about giving your floors and walls stylish finishes and placing the right furnishings. While you can allocate a huge amount of money on these things, the interior of your home could still look ordinary if it does not have the right lighting essentials. As important as having the right lighting is also the answer to the question: Where to buy lights in Singapore? You should find the place where you could choose the best lighting for your home.

When you strategically match good lighting with your furniture, finishes, and upholstery, it could significantly improve the beauty of your home interior. Even if your apartment in Singapore is so simple, your guests would still be amazed when they see your home. The exterior of your apartment may look just the same as the other apartments, but the interior offers something much more. So, by just turning on the lights, you can surprise your friends and their jaws might just drop.

Now, before thinking about where to buy lights in Singapore, you should check out the reasons why lighting plays an important role in the interior design of your home.

  1. ) Improves Finishes

With warm colors of oranges and yellows as your wall paint, it might still not display the ambiance that you want to achieve. Put some warm lights so that you can highlight these paint colors. Intensify the colors present in your home by installing good lighting. It could also calm the overall colors at the same time. The outcome really depends on two factors: the kind of light and how you put the light. For example, for a warm glow, use lampshades with orange tint, and then you could put them in the corners. Aside from that, you could also pick a bright fluorescent bulb and put it right in the middle of the ceiling. You could use this bulb whenever you need the room to be brighter.

2.) Stylishly Illuminates the Room

Before deciding on where to buy lights in Singapore, you should know first how to brighten your place in style. Illuminating the room is the main goal of lights in the interior design of your place. However, you could add in some style in order to accomplish this goal and beautify the interiors at the same time. For instance, you can put in a chandelier in the foyer of your home. It provides bright lighting and at the same time, it looks the room look classy. On the other hand, while a plain LED bulb will make the area well-lit, it looks plain.

3.) Creates an Illusion of Space

Good lighting creates an illusion that a small place, like tiny apartments or condominium units, is spacious. These types of homes only have limited natural light coming in to them, and this makes the small space even look smaller. After you find out where to buy lights in Singapore, make sure that you choose several lighting fixtures that would significantly illuminate the insider of your home to make it look wider and bigger.

4.) Highlights Elements in the Room

An example of this is a wall that is designed with artistic paintings. Certainly, before coming up with that eye-catching space in your home, you spent money, time and effort to create it. However, you will not succeed if the room is fitted with a dull lighting. You could try hanging a light that has an adjustable neck and direct it to the wall. When people enter the room, they would intuitively follow where the light is going and see the works of art in that space.

Designing the Right Lighting

Now that you know the important function of good lighting in your house, it is also important to know how to design the right lighting because it is one of the factors to know where to buy lights in Singapore. As mentioned, lighting adds style to the interior design of your home. This way, to make your place look beautiful, you do not have to depend on accessories or other furnishings. Keep in mind that lighting also creates different moods to the different rooms in the house. Here are some of the tips on how you can make your home in Singapore look appealing to come home to and how you could make your guests enjoy their stay.

  • Balance sizes – you can follow what is stated above and put a chandelier in the foyer or in the main dining room. However, avoid putting in huge light fixtures in small rooms as this creates imbalance that may not look pleasing to the eye. Likewise, do not put in small light fixtures in huge rooms because it would also not look good.

Lights in Singapore

  • Recessed lighting – even if you have not determined where to buy lights in Singapore, you can decide first on putting a recessed lighting, which is fixture that is found in modern homes. This would allow you to control the part of the room that you want to light up. Recessed lighting is not unobtrusive because they are fitted inside ceilings, walls, or floors. You have the option to mix different light colors as well and combine switching on a few lights to have the ambiance you want.
  • Cozy bedrooms – when you are in your bedroom, you want to be comfortable because it is the place to relax after a long day. Warm lights normally create an ambiance of a cozy bedroom and avoid having only one source of light. Try putting in a main bright light in the center of the bedroom if you have to do something that needs a bright light. Put in subtle lighting or lamps in corners to give enough light when you need to relax. To control the brightness of the room, you can also have a dimmer switch.
  • Install stylish lighting in the living room – it will serve you well if you use stylish lighting in your living room because that is where you mostly entertain your guests. This space would look great if you install chained lighting fixtures, hanging lighting elements, lamps, or vintage pieces.

These are the important things to consider to design the right lighting in your home and also to decide where to buy lights in Singapore.

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Interior Design for Bathrooms

Renovations can be quite expensive and time-consuming

Bathroom Singapore

The interior design of a house can significantly change the atmosphere and the mood of anyone who visits. Of course, most people want their houses to have a positive effect on them, as well as the people who visit. It is subjective to the colors, furniture, material and lighting that you use in the rooms. For example, if you are opting for a cozy and homey feeling, you can use wooden furniture. And if you are looking for a modern and minimalistic feel, that can be achieved through the use of monochromatic colors.

Even simply by adding and renovating your lighting effects, the whole feeling of the room could be different. No matter what you are looking for, you can find the things you need just by visiting a lighting shop Singapore.

Bathrooms could be one of the best rooms you can apply your creativity on when it comes to interior design, because it is one of the most private places in your home. Just imagine, how nice would it feel to come home after a very tiring day to a bathroom you can just relax and unwind in?

Colors and Bathroom Furniture

Most bathrooms are white, as the color signifies cleanliness. It also makes the room brighter because it reflects light well. However, it can also feel a little dull and uncreative sometimes. However, just by adding a touch of color, it can instantly bring life to the room. Changing the tiles from plain white to patterned will already do so much. However, if you are really feeling adventurous, you can opt to change the style of your walls, too.

Adding wood (and its natural color) to your bathroom design is also a good choice. Especially if you are planning to keep everything else white, you can bring out your creativity by installing wooden counters and cabinets. It is simple addition, yet it will make a difference in the overall look of your bathroom.

While you’re really going to get into it, why not alter your bathtub or shower room? If doing that proves to be too much money, you can always start with your wash basins and sinks. Glass will always be a stylish option. Glass shelves could be just as stylish, and best of all, it is within budget.

However, just be careful to not let the colors overlap, as it may end up being too overwhelming to the eyes.

Bathroom Lighting

So you have your ideas for the interior design of your bathroom, now it’s time for the lighting. Your bathroom’s lighting should be the most important part of the renovation. It’s commonly underestimated by a lot of households, but good lighting can help you make the most out of the aesthetics of your bathroom. Also, if there is lack of lighting, the bathroom will look rather dingy.

Get the best ideas and inspiration with a quick trip to a lighting shop Singapore to see what kind of lights could complement your room’s interior design. When thinking of where to install your lights, consider the places where you need them the most. These are called task lightings. For example, in front of mirror is where you may be applying your makeup, style your hair, shave off your facial hair, and so on. Avoid placing lights directly above you, as this will cast deep shadows, and will prove to not be very helpful. Proper task lighting is when stronger, brighter lights are directed towards where you are standing – in front of the mirror and sink.

A ceiling or hanging can be placed in the middle of the room, as your main light. It should be bright enough to reach every part of the room. For ambient purposes, dim lights can also be installed behind your mirrors. Dim lights and candles can also be installed by your bathtub, to give a more relaxing and intimate feel.

Accent lights could also set the mood, and also give an item a certain emphasis – in case you would like to show off something. Your local lighting shop Singapore should have all kinds of options for you to choose from for your lighting makeover.

You could even double the purpose of your lights by using them as decorations for the bathroom. Just by going on the internet, you could search for hundreds of DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas on how to style your lights. The possibilities are endless!

Also, it is good to remember that LED lights are brighter and more economic than regular lights so the next time you visit a lighting shop Singapore, consider getting LED lights instead.

Bathroom Accessories

You have your furniture and colors all planned out. The lights you have found at the lighting shop Singapore are perfect. Now it’s time for the addition of the decorations.

Bathroom accessories are different from your other rooms’ accessories in that they have a different purpose. For example, you may place a vase in your bathroom, but it would probably look better in your living room. However, making it as a brush holder could change the whole game.

Bathroom Singapore

Depending on how much free space you have left in your bathroom, small or big plants can be placed in the shelves or corners of the room to give color and vivacity. You can also try switching from plain towels to colored ones, replacing your mirrors or adding mirrors of different shapes, and changing towel hangers. If you have windows, add some curtains or blinds for more privacy and mood.

Take a moment to step back and look at your bathroom as a whole. Make sure to place just enough accessories, because adding a little too much can end up making your bathroom look a little messy. Adding the essentials will be just right.

When renovating and designing your new bathroom, consider the plumbing and where the water pipes are placed and adapt to its design to avoid problems in the future. As well as the quality of the materials you buy. Sometimes buying of the better quality is cheaper in the long run.

Renovations can be quite expensive and time-consuming, but it will all be worth it once you see the outcome of your efforts. So whenever you’re feeling hesitant about changing up, just go for it! Even just a little decorating can do so much.

The best way to figure out how you can make the best out of your budget and bathroom space is asking for advice from a professional, visiting a lighting shop Singapore, and doing some research.

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5 Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

Minimalism is growing more and more popular these days in Singapore

Bathroom Singapore

The bathroom is a special place in any home in Singapore or elsewhere in the world. It is the only place you can get some decent privacy, away from any disturbance. Some people would even say they care more about the way their bathroom looks than their bedroom. Your quality of life just improves when you feel comfortable, clean, and happy inside your own bathroom. But designing the perfect bathroom can be tough if you don’t have a single vision. For this, here are 5 different bathroom design ideas on furniture and lightings Singapore homes can use:

1. Go for a Minimalist Interior Style

Minimalism is growing more and more popular these days in Singapore when it comes to design aesthetics. This is especially true for homeowners who are interested in renovating or redecorating their homes. The minimalist style has become one of the most popular go- to interior design styles not only for aesthetics but for more practical reasons as well.

For a minimalist style bathroom, you first have to pick your colors carefully. Pick one dark color and one light color. For example, you can never go wrong with a black and white bathroom. Do not be afraid of black walls and floors because they have the potential to look great if combined with the right bathroom lighting and furniture. Go for a classic white wall hung basin so you don’t have to use a vanity top which would clutter your bathroom. Instead, store your products and accessories in a mirror cabinet.

People who go for the minimalistic look are usually the ones with limited bathroom space. To maximize space, install built-in bathtubs. They are not only less expensive, but they also give you a cleaner look. If you are a shower kind of person, there is a wide range of basic hand showers that will fit perfectly with your design.

Finish off this look with the right lighting. The popular types of lightings Singapore minimalist homes use are LED downlights and recessed lights. They are fixed right into your ceiling making your bathroom look bigger.

2. Be Classy in a Sophisticated Style

Bathrooms with sophisticated designs are very common in Singapore. They are both exciting and classy at the same time. The style can suit both masculine and feminine tastes so couples do not have to argue about the motif.

The secret to achieving the sophisticated look is to have an accent color. Whether it’s black, gold, beige, or even bright colors, an accent color instantly classes up a room. For instance, add your accent color to the rim of your oval mirror. And use the same accent color on your towel racks.

Accent colors pop with the right lightings Singapore homeowners can install. LED Spotlights can highlight a specific object you want noticed. A pedestal basin is a nice addition to a sophisticated bathroom. Highlight this furniture with a spotlight. Or perhaps use these kinds of lightings right above your shower rose. A shower rose in a glass enclosure is a sure fired way to get that sophisticated look.

3. Go Cozy with a Homey Design

If you don’t find minimalistic and sophisticated bathrooms comfortable, you can always go for a homey look. You can always make your bathroom feel cozier with these tips.

For the homey bathroom idea, it is time to let the wood shine. Wooden cabinets, windows, and even a mirror with a wooden rim will instantly make you feel more at home. Include accessories such as wicker laundry baskets, flower vases, and colorful towels. You can even try your luck in antique shops for that vanity top that will go well with the homey look.

For your basin, you should definitely go with a counter top basin. Any bathroom will feel and look more pleasing with a counter top basin. At the same time, a freestanding bath tub is the much needed addition to your bathroom. Finally for the lightings, Singapore homeowners can choose wall mounted lights. You can easily change the light bulbs anytime.

Bathroom Singapore

4. Think Out-of- the-Box with a Quirky Style

If you feel the need to let your personality shine through your interiors, you can go for the quirky type of bathroom design. The number one rule, of course, is to have fun in the design. This means that you can go crazy with your choices in color and lighting.

Do not be afraid to use bright colors on your walls and floors. Normally, with tiled patters, you can only choose to install them either on your walls or on your floors. But if you’re going for the quirky look, you can have tiled patterns on both your walls and floors. Try to choose patterns that contrast each other.

If you don’t want to use tiles, customize your blank walls with paintings and pictures. They are immediate conversation starters and will draw the attention of visitors. There are plenty of mirror shapes and designs today to suit your taste. There are even themed designer mirrors that can fit your specific design style.

Finally, make your vision come together with the right lighting. Some popular types of lightings Singapore quirky homes use are high and low hanging lights.

5. Take the Throne in a Regal Royalty Style

It is not uncommon for the toilet to be referred to as the throne. Quite fittingly, many want to feel like a king (or queen) and to experience ultimate comfort when they are inside their bathrooms. Do not worry, you do not need loads of gold to have a bathroom worthy of royalty.

Certain materials like glass can make your bathroom look “royal.” You can use glass basins and fixtures as well as designer mirrors. You can also have a rain shower installed. Or have a bath tub with a jet function for that well deserved pampering at the end of the day. When it comes to lightings, Singapore homeowners like yourself can explore having specialty lights installed in the bathroom – perhaps one that simulates the night sky?

These are just a few ideas for furniture and lightings Singapore homewoners can use. There are a lot more ideas online in bathroom and lighting specialty sites. You can even contact Singapore based lighting and bathroom supplies stores if you have specific inquiries about styles and products that you are interested in.

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Singapore Bidet: A More Hygienic Alternative to Bathroom Tissue

The bidet is a superb bathroom tool that offers many benefits and can be used by everyone in the family

Bathroom Singapore

There has been an increased demand for bidets all across the globe. With its numerous benefits, Singapore bidet is almost a must-have in every household and hotel here in Singapore. It is way better compared to using standard bathroom tissue both from a hygienic and environmental standpoint. Since the bidet was invented, people had delighted in a considerably cleaner feeling after each bathroom business. Undeniably, bidet is a far better option to the customary toilet paper that many people still use today.

What is a bidet?

A bidet (originally a French word and is pronounced), is a low-mounted bathroom fixture principally used for washing and cleaning the external genitalia and the posterior parts of the body. It looks relatively similar to a toilet but it can be more accurately compared to a bathtub or washbasin. Anyone who has problems with mobility and finds it challenging to get into a tub may find Singapore bidet an excellent solution to maintain personal hygiene.

The bidet is a superb bathroom tool that offers many benefits and can be used by everyone in the family. Some bidets are quite costly but with a little research, you can find a cheaper Singapore bidet that gets the job done as well as the costly ones. If you’re building or renovating your home, it is smart to add a bidet to your bathroom facilities. It will be beneficial for you and your family, as well as for the environment.

Bidets are hygienic, cost-effective, ecofriendly, easy to install and do not occupy too much space in the bathroom. You will often find the bidet attach to the wall near the toilet. Instead of reaching out for the toilet paper, simply sit on the bidet after your “big business” for easier washing and a cleaner, more refreshing feeling.

Who can use a bidet?

The bidet can be used by everyone—men and women, children and elderly, handicap and the more physically-able people. The Singapore bidet offers the users a hands-free and a more thorough water wash after using the toilet.

Men and Women

Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of utilizing a bidet. It is an excellent alternative to toilet paper. Toilet paper only offers plain wiping and can even cause skin irritation.


You can introduce your child to using a bidet even at early age. In that way, they can avoid using toilet papers completely and are used to washing themselves with a cleansing jet of water.

The Elderly

Old age brings a number of nuisances such as arthritis, body aches and many kinds of ailments. It can be extremely difficult for elderly people to maintain personal sanitation due to their more limited motion. But with a bidet, personal hygiene becomes easier and more comfortable. It eliminates the painful and difficult task of disrobing when bathing.

People with Temporary Injuries

People with injuries can cleanse themselves with ease and comfort. They do not need to move or bend that much as when they use toilet paper. The Singapore bidet is an invaluable aid to personal hygiene and is becoming more popular among people with impaired motor function.

People with Disabilities

A bidet can tremendously help people with disabilities in cleansing themselves even without the help of others. This is why the demand for bidet is constantly increasing especially from disabled and incontinent individuals.

Where is a bidet used?

Bidets are used in many countries all around the world. In some European countries, it is mandatory to install a bidet in the bathroom so it is present in almost every household. Bidets are also common in many Asian countries. This bathroom fixture can be installed in private homes, hotels, and even in public toilet facilities.

When the bidet was first introduced to the British market in the 18th century, it was frowned upon and deemed immoral and salacious. Early American settlers took on that sentiment and the practice was promptly dismissed. But now, many Westerners who experience bidets when abroad encourage the use of bidet in their own homes. For this reason, bidets are now more widely used as a more hygienic and ecofriendly alternative to conventional toilet paper.

Why choose bidet over toilet paper?

For the same reason you don’t just wipe your hands when they’re dirty or your clothes when they are soiled. When you’re dripping with sweat during workout, you do not simply rub yourself with a towel, do you? Well, of course you may but you should do more to thoroughly cleanse and refresh yourself. Simply wiping the dirt doesn’t get rid of the germs nor eliminate the bad odor completely. You need to use water wash to do so.

Bathroom Singapore

Toilet paper can trigger irritability for many people, whereas the use of bidet only provides utmost sanitation without causing any irritation to the body. Using Singapore bidet is also more cost-effective. Since the need for bathroom tissue is eliminated, you can save thousands of dollars per year. If you use a bidet, you are likewise helping to conserve paper and save the environment.

Switch to Bidets Now

Make a smart choice and switch to Singapore bidet now. It is a high-tech world we live in and it is only proper to heighten our hygiene standards as well. The difference between the cleanliness levels provided by a bidet and a toilet paper is tremendous. Many people fail to realize the consequences of not properly washing themselves after using the toilet. Such inattention may lead to many types of infection as the germs and microorganisms can get inside our body easily. By utilizing a bidet and maintaining personal hygiene, we can avoid these incidents and other unfavorable occurrences.

To look good, you don’t only need to wear nice clothes and speak well, you also need to feel good about yourself. Hygiene can affect your confidence level and the way people perceive you. Poor hygiene is definitely a big turn-off. For this and many other reasons, it is crucial that we eliminate toilet paper and have a Singapore bidet in every home to ensure easier and more effective washing, as well as to help conserve natural resources.

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Singapore Bathroom Accessories

These Singapore bathroom accessories again can help better transition from working to relax mode

Singapore Bathroom Accessories

If you are searching in Singapore for bathroom accessories, Lights n Showers is the shop you should definitely check out. In addition to important parts of bathroom (tub, shower cubicles, toilets and lighting), we have a vast offer of bathroom accessories in Singapore. Bathroom should represent the place where you can be comfortable and at the same time function without a hinder. It should be matching your personal style and mood, and to sooth your practices of life.

You’ll find that in Light n Showers, Singapore bathroom accessories have variety of shapes, sizes and design. The assortment is consisted of bathroom mirrors, cabinets, towel holders, shower curtains, toilet brushes, stands for toilet paper and other similar things. The important thing is to be aware of how much space you have at your disposal in order to maximize the functionality of these additions. In that way’ you’ll avoid jammed impression of the room.

We’ll take the two situations in terms of different pacing they require: the mornings and the evenings. Morning usually means the start of new working day, so you need to have that “up and at ‘em” attitude. With the wide mirror in front of you with good lighting can help while trying to shave quickly or to put the makeup on. You can take much less time for these preparations with well-placed stand for necessary things like toothbrush, soap and similar or towel-holder on the door perhaps to save the space. Evenings are quite opposite. You come home tired with only one thing on your mind – relaxation. These Singapore bathroom accessories again can help better transition from working to relax mode.

Singapore Bathroom Accessories

Lights n Showers’ team of dedicated people will deliver the fast and quality service, transforming your bathroom into a modern sterile zone. After the full installment, you’ll see what is possible with the good spacing and right lightings. Every single thing in this room can carry style and elegance, even the smallest things such are accessories.

Lights ‘n’ Showers are the right choice for a provider of bathroom accessories in Singapore. This is our specialty, if you didn’t guess by the name. Look for our shop on Lavender Street and get amazed by our assortment (over 1000 products). Our staff will be honored to join you on your interior design endeavors and surely we’ll find the right things to improve your bathroom.

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Shower Head Singapore

Lights ‘n’ Showers have the services you need improving and styling your bathroom

Shower Head Singapore

Everyone tries to create his or hers home as comfy as it can be, making it in such a manner to sooth their necessities. The bathroom is also a part not excluded from this. It is the room in which we spend a lot of time daily so it is significant to make it functional. Some prefer a nice long baths. Some prefer cubicles with vast shower heads. In any case we want to enjoy our private oasis.

The nice design of shower heads combined with LED lights brings elegance to your bathroom. There are many options:  different shapes and sizes, with options of shower handle. This enables you to play with its style. As for functionality, the vast shower heads are ideal solution as cubicles take a smaller surface of the bathroom than tubs. Modern working men favor them because of the living on the fast tracks. As you prep yourself for incoming working day, time is an important factor. That is the reason why people take a quick shower. And in the evenings, the nice glow of LED lights on shower head settles you for the deserved rest.

Lights ‘n’ Showers have the services you need improving and styling your bathroom. We offer you the assortment over 1000 products including brands like Philips and Osram. Honor us with your presence and come to our store, based in Singapore with the address on Lavender Street. Our staff will provide any help to you, if needed and give you the sufficient information on products for you to make best decision. We care also about the customers who are unable to visit us, so we displayed the gallery on our website, from where you can choose shower heads from our range.

Shower Head Singapore

The needs of our customers come first.  Don’t worry about installment, we’ll take it of your hands. Fast and quality service is a guarantee. Our team comes to your home in order to install the shower head of your choosing with swiftness and the right way. This new perk will be worth the price you paid, leaving you stunned by its design.

Change your bathroom for the better. Make it into the save haven you earned and place your trust in Lights ‘n’ Showers as your provider. We take the creation of indoor very seriously and it would be an honor to participate in your home’s next step.

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Kitchen Sinks Singapore

Any surface in your bathroom can be catching these germs

Kitchen Sinks Singapore

I suspect that many readers will share that sentiment.  This room has the potential to be the dirtiest, most germ infested rooms in the house.  If you think about what goes on in that room, this should come as no surprise.  Web Md quotes Charles Gerba, PhD, a professor of microbiology at University of Arizona in Tucson that flushing the toilet with the lid up is not wise. Dr. Gerba asserts that “Polluted water vapor erupts out of the flushing toilet bowl.  He further states that it can then take several hours for these particles to finally settle.  This brings him to the following conclusion “If you have your toothbrush too close to the toilet, you are brushing your teeth with what’s in your toilet.” 

While erupting germs are gross enough; think about the other surfaces in your bathroom that you touch several times a day. The taps on your bathroom sink for example.  If they are within six feet of the toilet they too can accumulate this erupting water vapor.  When you turn off the water after washing your hands in the wash basin your hands are coming in contact with whatever urine and feces particles could hitch a ride on some water vapor.  This becomes a problem whenever you eat, touch your mouth, or rub your nose.  These germs are now very close to points of entry to the body.

Any surface in your bathroom can be catching these germs.  It is important that any surface that is often touched after washing is easy to keep bacteria free.  The most obvious culprit of spreading this type of germ is the bathroom sink taps.  In public restrooms it is recommended that a paper towel be used when turning off taps.  At home this precaution is not necessary provided the surfaces are cleaned properly.

Kitchen Sinks Singapore

When planning a bathroom renovation keep ease of cleaning in mind when choosing your bathroom sink taps.  A simple design is best when cleaning is a priority.  There are many designs and options when it comes to the type of tap available. You can easily find a style that does not contain scroll work in which the germs can accumulate.  At the very least choose a design that has a lever for the on/off, hot/cold function rather than two rotating knobs. This will make keeping the surface most often touched after hand washing half as difficult to clean.

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