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Faucet Singapore

Faucet Singapore

Every home that comes with a bathroom and a kitchen need to have two things: an efficient plumbing system and a properly installed faucet. Doing water-based activities like doing the laundry, washing food, cleaning the bathroom, taking a bath, cooking, or painting with watercolor are a breeze with an efficient faucet. Whether if it’s a remodeling or a replacement job, choosing the right faucet can do a lot of wonders for your home. The search for the suitable faucet is like a love affair, once you find it, don’t let it go.

There are many home improvement shops and online stores that sell the best faucet Singapore brand. Many brick and mortar stores display their wares and customers can ask the salesperson in charge to do a demo on how the faucet works — from installation to actual usage of the product. There are also online stores that show high definition photos as well as detailed technical description of the faucets. Many people shop at online stores because it’s convenient. Payments are made through electronic fund transfers. For questions about a product online, a website customer service representative is contacted through the phone or email.

There are a variety of faucet Singapore designs. Here are the different kinds of faucets:

1)Two-Handle Faucet

Most homes have the two handle faucet because it is the most common type available in the market. This is the best type of faucet to use if one wants to have a hot water supplied in the home.

2)Pull Down Faucet

A pull-down faucet uses an extending hose that you can literally pull down, an action that you do when you close down the shades of your window.

3)Pullout Faucet

A pullout faucet is the best type of faucet to install in the kitchen. It is adjustable and has the extending hose as that of a pull-down faucet

4)Single Handle Faucet

Single handle levers are becoming popular nowadays because it does not require so much effort when using it. This type of faucet is best used if there are children, people with disabilities, and senior citizens residing in the home. These people may have a hard time opening the faucet for so many reasons like tremors and weakness of the hands, or an unsteady gait when walking or standing up near the sink.

Do consider the following when buying a faucet :

1) How do you plan to use the faucet?

Identify how many people live in the house. People use the faucet differently, especially if people with disabilities live in the home. Some exert little or a lot of effort when using it. Some may need to use special devices in order to use such a faucet Singapore setup.

2) Is it worth your money?

We want value for money products. There are a lot of faucets in the market today offering different features to its consumers. Be sure to ask the contractor or salesperson who is knowledgeable on faucet Singapore designs. They should not force or do a hard sell to a customer to buy such utilities just to have a sale.

3) Is it long lasting?
Ask which faucets Singapore designs are sturdy and efficient. Included in this is the availability of a customer service number that you can contact just in case the faucet that you purchased is defective and needs to be replaced with a new one. Ask if there’s also a warranty card that is included with it.

4)How accessible is it?

For example, if it’s in the kitchen, one has to consider the distance of the faucet to the sink, to the counter, and to the other appliances surrounding it like the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the stove and the trash bin. Once the homeowner has mapped out these concerns, that’s the only time to decide where to install the faucet, and to contact a reputable contractor that specializes in bathroom and kitchen faucet Singapore installations.

5)Aesthetics and functionality of the faucet

Choosing an appropriate faucet for the home is a personal thing, so do not be afraid to invest in a high-quality faucet. Do some comparison shopping and look up manuals.

What are the benefits of a good faucet Singapore design?

1)Saves money

It saves money because you have bought a faucet that matches the needs of every person living in the home. It can be detrimental if only one person can use it while the others can’t due to mobility issues.

2)Maximizes space

This is an issue if you live in a condo or a house that is small, and has a limited counter space and sink that one can’t properly wash dishes, or pots and pans. An adjustable faucet can help alleviate the problem because pots and pans have different heights.

Faucet Singapore

3)Regulates water flow properly

A good faucet enables the user to control the water flow coming out without difficulty. It also minimizes splatters to the walls and counters of the kitchen.

Mistakes people usually make when buying faucets

It is best to consult an interior designer or contractor that’s an expert in kitchen and bathroom design to avoid costly mistakes in its installation. Here are some common errors when buying or looking for a faucet:

1)Haphazardly doing research for a good faucet

The internet offers a wealth of information about faucets that one can read. With the arrival of the internet and social media, one has no reason not to do a review of the faucet Singapore design. Various home improvement websites have a written an in-depth analysis of the technical aspects of the faucet, and a comparison of the different brands and models on sale in the market.

2)Buying one’s favorite faucet brand because it’s on sale Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s in good working order. Make sure to that when a purchase of such a discounted item is made, ask the sales staff to check if it’s functional and if it comes with a warranty. It can be very disastrous to find out that it can’t be used because of its missing parts or accessories, and the hired help has already arrived to install it.

Shopping for the best faucet Singapore is the best decision a homeowner can make for their home. Take time to look for the best faucet design that suits one’s everyday needs.

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What Lights Singapore Up: LED-ing the way

LED does not stand alone in what lights Singapore

Lights Singapore

Singapore has the highest standard of living in the world. A diverse, multicultural population thriving in an urban-industrial setting enjoy the conveniences and joys of city living, but also face particular challenges in the design and development of space. It is an urban haven that often features in its structures’ designs a combination of elegance, simplicity, and luxury. However, high-rise developments coming up adjacent to other high-rise developments can interfere with the flow of natural light. Artificial lighting is thus an important part of what lights Singapore. After all, the look and feel of any place is at least partially made up of how it is lit, and more and more, we find that what lights Singapore up is LED (light-emitting diodes).

LED lights have been flooding into more and more homes in Singapore. Originally, they were thought to be too expensive for mainstream consumption and exclusively for outdoor installations (such as gardens, signage, automobiles, etc.) LED light is generated by the marriage of both positively and negatively charged currents. These lights turn on quickly, and have changeable intensity. In recent years, LED has not only become increasingly accessible to the general population, but has also penetrated the interior design space.

Despite relatively higher costs at the onset, making (or should we say flipping) the switch to LED is not a difficult one. These lights are the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly option available in the market today. On average, they last three times longer than CFL bulbs and eight times longer than incandescent bulbs, they use up much less electricity, and they leave behind a significantly lower amount of harmful waste than any other kind of light bulb. They produce bright and directional light, allowing for dramatic and targeted illumination. The way that LED lights Singapore creates and highlights texture for any and every interior space.

The way that an interior is lit conveys two important things about the space: what it’s for and how it’s supposed to feel when you’re there. For many, the use of LED in the interior space seems limited. Typically, LED light is bright and white. Downlights are an excellent for work or study, dining, and bathroom spaces. Typically, several of these downlights are installed in the ceiling, which creates an even spread of light throughout the room. A separate, but larger bulb array in a docked ceiling or in the form of a chandelier can be used in combination with these smaller bulbs as well.

Simple installations such as these are practical and suit any interior design. Downlights can also be more unique statement pieces that add flavour or dimension to an otherwise very simply designed room. With the increasing popularity of LED in the mainstream market, industrial designers have begun to develop more creative installations and products.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. Light does not just come from above, and the LED that lights Singapore is no one-trick pony. The key to creating variability is in the use of different angles and levels of installation. LED cove lights and strips are best suited to floor or ankle-level installations. When attached to kitchen cabinets or steps, these will create an underglow that floods the structures, as well as the floor with light. It emphasizes details and textures in nearby structures. Note that LED lights are often small and do not emit much heat, which makes them ideal for backlight and good for lighting up all the little nooks and crannies of the home or work space. It is easy to get creative with LED lighting: you can use it as backlight for the bathroom mirror to project that signature white glow onto the face while getting ready for the day, place it in the closet in order to see garments’ textures and angles from a different perspective, or use it to light up art installations or pictures. Contrary to popular belief, LED light does not just come in white. There is a wide selection of colours to choose from, and the proper use of coloured light can create interesting moods and solve the problem of tricky-to- match interiors.

Lights Singapore

Flexible, powerful, and dynamic, LED lights Singapore in an endless number of ways. They are excellent for the minimalist, modern, and industrial design palettes that dominate Singaporean interiors. These styles emphasize discrete boundaries, and often feature monochromatic or colour palettes with a very limited range. Concentrated intensity of light can be utilized for highlighting statement pieces in the design, and key structural aspects. This kind of lighting easily creates clean lines. At the same time, there is the potential for increased variability in texture and colour. Bright and focused light makes clear shadows. With the abundance of flat surfaces in the modern, industrial, and minimalist designs, the surfaces on which said shadows are cast carry them in a way that can shift and manipulate perspective. What would have been a monochromatic kitchen counter now appears to be two or even three-toned if it catches the light in a way that creates both a highlight and a shadow.

LED does not stand alone in what lights Singapore, but it is beginning to dominate the lighting fixture industry here and across the world. If the major benefits of energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness are not enough to pull you over from the dark side, the increasing popularity and penetration of LED light into mainstream consumption has brought about the creation of more innovative and interesting designs. These increasingly creative designs have brought about the use of LED light fixtures in new, exciting, and unique ways. This is an opportunity to get even more creative and come up with more and more dynamic design options. Combinations of simple and complex fixtures, as well as the use of multiple levels of installation can be explored for the development of new design styles, or the furthering of modern, industrial, and minimalist trends in Singaporean interior design. What are your ideas about LED as what lights Singapore today? Can you suggest any more new and interesting ways that LED lights can be used in the home and in the work place?

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Lighting Tips For Your New Home

Lighting is important in help you perform your tasks easily

Lightings Singapore

Are you moving into a new home for the first time? You might want to think about how you are going to light up your new home. Especially if you will have friends coming over to your apartment, it is important to have the best lighting fixtures Singapore available so that you can provide the right ambiance for any event you might host in your house, or even for some quiet times alone.

How does lighting make a difference?

Lighting is important in help you perform your tasks easily. It makes you feel more at ease in your home more, and helps you make use of your entire space. Not only does lighting have a functional use, but it also serves an aesthetic purpose. Lighting provides the ambiance for your room, without which your room will have no accent or feel to it. Small rooms become larger with the help of lighting, and dull rooms become entertaining with them as well. Lighting makes a whole lot of difference and can provide you with the same level of decoration as much more expensive options out there.

Before you make a purchase, make sure first that you know the lighting that you want for each of your rooms. Before buying, make sure that you have a home lighting plan that carefully outlines what you and your family will be needing. Think about what would usually happen in each of the rooms in your house, and determine the specific parts of each room you would like to emphasize.

To determine the best lighting fixtures Singapore for you, you first need to know what choices you have. There are actually just three types of lighting:

General lighting. This type of lighting provides overall illumination for your space. This is also known as ambient lighting, and it provides a very comfortable brightness level to your home that allows you to walk about your space safely without hitting anything accidentally. This usually includes fixtures mounted on the wall, track lights, chandeliers, and lanterns on the outside of your home. This is probably the most important lighting fixture you can own since it basically substitutes for sunlight as the light source inside your space.

Accent lighting is used purely for visual effects. They do not have any higher purpose than to provide an accent or a feel to your space. They are a part of the decorating scheme, and are mostly used to emphasize on houseplants, paintings, sculptures, and other possessions you may have in your home, as well as on the wall texture, outdoor landscaping, and drapery. Accent lighting is usually provided by recessed, track, and wall mounted fixtures.

Task lighting is used to help you perform very specific tasks, including homework, reading, cooking, sewing, playing games, or writing. These can be provided by portable lamps, pendant lighting, or track lighting. Task lighting fixtures must be free from any glare and should be bright enough to avoid eyestrain.

If you are wondering about what lighting fixtures Singapore to buy and use for each part of your home, carefully go through each of these tips to help guide you into determining which lighting fixtures Singapore you should purchase.

  • How to light the living or family room. The family rooms and living rooms are the ones which benefit from lighting the most, mainly because they are the center of all homes and are the ones which receive the guests. If there is a television in the living area, soft lighting would provide a more pleasurable viewing experience. Avoid glare from reflective surfaces when positioning lighting fixture, and it also does not hurt to add some task lighting for these rooms.
  • Does a chandelier complete a dining room? Not necessarily. Most people think that the best lighting fixtures Singapore for the dining room would be a chandelier, but in fact there are other lighting fixtures which will help do the same job. Buffet lamps and wall scones are just some other types of lighting fixtures which will do a fine job in lighting your dining room. Floor lamps also add more dimension to your dining area and more depth to your living areas.
  • How should you light the kitchen and bathroom areas? These rooms will require both task and ambient lighting fixtures. There are tons of these lighting fixtures Singapore you can find on the market, and the best place to put them would be either on an island or on the sink.
  • How to light the master bedroom? The master bedroom serves a lot of purpose, and so it will require all degrees of lighting from soft to full bright. The lighting which you will put in your bedroom must have enough options to help you do many of the things usually done in the bedroom aside from resting, which includes reading, dressing, and applying makeup.

Lightings Singapore

  • Lighting a home office. These areas have functional purpose, but it is not necessary for them to look cold or utilitarian. Simply put, they do not need to look like an office. Being that it will serve as a workspace it will need task lighting. You need to be careful in your placement of these lighting fixtures because it can be very easy to have glare, especially if you are using computers. Your light sources should be on the sides of the room and not either behind or in front of the main workstation. Two sources would be better in order to prevent eyestrain.

Remember all of these great tips when you choose a lighting fixtures Singapore for your new home. When buying, do not just settle for something which will do the job just right. Choose the one which will emphasize how great your space is and will make sure that the people that visit your home will appreciate the beauty of your living spaces. Not only that, choose a lighting fixture which will actually help aid you in doing particular tasks in your home, especially in areas such as your kitchen and bathroom.

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Clearance Sale


Display Sets do not have their original packaging

We are having our display and stock clearance on the month of May. We are selling our products at a cheaper price to ease our transition to our new showroom in the near future.

Display Sets do not have their original packaging but we will pack them nicely for you! Most of our sets are a few months old and still functioning as it should be.

Installations and Delivery is not included.

Cash and Carry for small items. For bigger items that requires dismantling, customers will have to wait another day or two for collection.

Display sets do not have a warranty.

We are able to store your order until delivery or pickup for not more than 5 months.

Delivery will be charged at $30. Purchases for orders above $500 or bulky items (water closets) will receive a free delivery.

Plumbing installation price is not included.

We do not do installation of lights, hob, hood, oven and fan.

Lights n Showers voucher cannot be used in conjunction with this Promotion.

Lights n Showers reserves the rights to amend or withdraw the promotion at any time.

Lights N Showers © 2015.

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Why Track Lighting May Be Just What Your Home Needs

Why Track Lighting May Be Just What Your Home Needs

Singapore Lighting

If you’ve looked into the various home lighting options available to you these days, chances are that you’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices the market offers. While those options were once limited to overhead lights and lamp stands, today’s selections cover the full range of technological and aesthetic marvels. One of those innovations, track lighting, can present a unique and flexible option to meet any needs.

Many consumers have long been aware of the aesthetic value of installing track lights in a home, but have resisted making the change due to the complexity involved in installing them. The older models were all but impossible for most people to install on their own, and thus required professional contractors to get the job done right. That’s no longer the case.

Today, these units come pre-assembled, and can be installed by almost anyone capable of following simple directions. Moreover, they can generally be customized at the point of sale, to help ensure that the lights will comport with the existing décor rather than you being forced to change the décor to fit the light source.

If you’ve never seen this light technology in action, you’ll be in for a treat. One of its chief benefits is its flexibility, since the lights can be moved to where you need them, and can thus be used to shine in any area that needs illumination. If you have a family portrait that needs to be highlighted, a track light can handle that job. When placed near a shaving basin, the light can provide the illumination needed to get that perfect shave.

Singapore Lighting

Unlike most ceiling lights, this system can be moved and thus accommodate any decorating plan you design. That makes this a perfect option for homeowners who like to frequently redecorate, but find it difficult to get the light to go where they need it to go.

As you can see, this light system has many of the same benefits provided by most downlight options, while also offering a greater variety of options for other uses in the home. It also comes in a wide variety of color options, making it even more adaptable for virtually every area inside and outside of the house. With all of those obvious benefits, and no real disadvantages, it just makes sense to consider track lighting the next time you’re thinking about making a change to your home’s light system.

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Toilet Bowl Singapore

If you are working on improvement of comfort and functionality in your bathroom, toilet renovation is a possible way to go. Bathroom is the personal space we visit on a daily basis so it is definitely one of the most important rooms of everybody’s home. In order to match our needs we apply the needed changes. With the help of Lights n Showers you can transform your bathroom to pamper zone you deserve, and as essential part of its functionality, toilet renovation is a good start.

If you have decided to take this step, that could mean you are not satisfied with current toilet in few matters: sturdiness, reliability, spacing and style. We assure you that we have assortment of toilets with high performance and stability. We have the standard one-parted toilets and for more luxury, two part toilets with bidet, depending on how much you are willing to spend on toilet renovation.

If you have a smaller space at your disposal you can consider of installing wall hung toilet. They are all well designed and, of course, with high performance. It is preferred choice in Europe. It is so because of few advantages over other choices:

  • The saving of space – its water tank is built behind a wall so it doesn’t use interior space.
  • It is highly adjustable to all sizes of users, be it a child or a grown man.

Composting toilet is the choice if you’re interested in more “green” toilet renovation. It is quite an eco-friendly way to go as the toilet is self-contained and waterless and it works with zero energy. This environmental product also saves a lot of money for the customers by not using water.

You can check more toilet renovation options at Lights n Showers shop, based on Lavender Street, Singapore. Here you can find so much more from that. With over 1000 products at our disposal, we can improve almost every part of your home. You can address to our working staff if you have any question or if you don’t understand something, but be certain in one thing – we will find the best option for you. If you have too much on your plate to come in person, you can find the gallery of products on our web page. If something attracted your interest you have an online purchase option and of course, our contact information.

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Sanitary Ware Singapore

The bathroom is the kind of space where you spend hours on daily basis

Sanitary Ware Singapore

Everyone tries to find the unique style for the space in which he or she spends days. People are in pursuit of the right kind of vibe for the parts or the whole living space. The bathroom is one of those parts and it usually represents the place of refuge after they had a stressful day at work. We understand the need for indulging yourself, and this is where the bathroom elements such are sanitary wares come in.

The bathroom is the kind of space where you spend hours on daily basis so don’t underestimate its importance. It’s perfectly normal to want a comfy toilet, broad bathtub where you can just relax or a well-placed basin with cabinet. The typical situations are: prepping in the morning for the work and evening after that work when you dip yourself in nice bath. These two have different pacing but it is the same point:  Good sanitary wares can help either way, whether is in saving time or just a restful treatment. That is way you shouldn’t undervalue what they bring to your home.

With the base in Singapore, on Lavender Street, Lights ‘n’ Showers provides you with the vast offer (over 1000 of products) including sanitary wares (porcelain gloss, stainless steel and other materials) such as bathtubs, toilet bowls, bidets and basins. Of course, if you are not in opportunity to visit our shop in person, you can always check the gallery displayed on our web site. From when you choose the products that sooth your home, we engage in its design, creation and implementation.

Sanitary Ware Singapore

With the help of our team of professionals you’ll get your personal oasis in no time. The quality service we provide you will bring the maximum potential of your bathroom. So besides its full functionality, with installment of our sanitary wares, you will also receive that classy look you wanted.

Express and highlight the beauty, not just of the bathroom, but of your entire home by coming to Singapore’s Lights ‘n’ Showers. Here, we value the meaning of retreat to your own space, so it is not just a bathroom filled with sanitary wares. If you decide to contact us, you’ll get all the advice and help you can get and your job is only to choose from our offer .It will be a pleasure for us to take part in creation of your esteemed home.

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Singapore Wash Basin

Browse through our great selection of bidet accessories and make a purchase today. There are benefits awaiting you if you purchase any bidet and among such benefits is that it promotes good health. It also has environmental benefit and it save you money.  There might be instances when toilet paper can be harmful to the skin but using bidet will help to prevent against that. Using bidet will also help to reduce the amount of papers used thereby reducing carbon footprints. We also offer different wash basins or sinks as commonly known o called by many people.

This also comes with different designs and they usually come with taps which can give both hot and cold water. You can also choose the design and color that with fit the background of color of your bathroom, so that it can give your bathroom a beautiful look. Also choose the wash basin which fits the size of your bathroom. You can get the best product from our company and you will be able to testify to this when you start using it.

We are able to meet your needs beyond your expectations. Many people have tried us and they can testify we offer the best products to our customers. You can also purchase you toilet roll holder from us and this also comes in different design and sizes. Some of the designs include the horizontal axle in wall design and the vertical pole design which is able to hold few replacement toilet rolls. We sell both the iron and wooden type of toilet roll holder and you can choose from multiple toilet roll holder options and pick the one that best suit your needs.

Give your bathroom the glamorous it needs today and leave others envious of your bathroom. In our company, we sell different products which can beautify your bathroom and also give you peace of minds. We have made it very easy for you to purchase any bathroom product from our company either by visiting us or making your purchase online. The ultimate goal is to make your bathroom the very kind you have always wanted and we are assuring you that we will give our hundred percent to attain this. Visit us today and let us put a smile on your face by working together with you in beautifying your bathroom.

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Singapore Toilet Bowl

Toilet accessories can make a toilet more elegant and more sophisticated

Singapore Toilet Bowl

Toilet accessories can make a toilet more elegant and more sophisticated. When a person thinks about accessories, all that comes through her mind is hair, living room, phone and even sinks. But no one ever thinks about toilet accessories, as their toilet is not really important, it does not have to look good or even to look appealing. But the truth is, it has to. The toilet may not seem as important as other things in a house, but people should think about how life would be without it.

In consequence, these are the 4 best toilet accessories to pump it up a bit.

  1. Loo Brush

Loo brushes are very important when it comes to cleaning the toilet. But they can also bring a cute or an elegant design and vibe to it too. When thinking about buying a loo brush, think about how it will bake the bathroom look. Loo brushes are toilet accessories that everyone has in their house, but they never admit that they are very indispensable.

  1. Toilet Roll Holder

A toilet roll holder is perfect to accessorize a toilet. It is practical and it can also be creative. The designs that can be found on toilet roll holders can be outstanding if chosen carefully. There are amazing when it comes to redecorating a bathroom only by using bathroom accessories.

  1. Toilet seats

Toilet seats can be found in anyone’s bathroom. They can be in different shapes or with different details and designs, but they sure are indispensable. If a person is looking to pump up the way their toilet looks, adding a colorful or an elegant seat is best for doing the job, because they cover most of the surface while making it look amazing.

Singapore Toilet Bowl

  1. Magazine holders

Magazine holders are toilet accessories that are not found in everyone’s bathroom. They can be fancy and they can surely keep someone company while on the loo. They can be found in various designs that can fit anyone’s preferences when it comes to toilet accessories.

In conclusion, toilet accessories are the best when redecorating a bathroom. They can bring up someone’s personality and design skills when they are chosen carefully and they can make someone’s toilet stylish and sophisticated. Adding some toilet accessories to a bathroom can be beneficial when it comes to design or decorating and this is why they should be use .

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Toilet Renovation Singapore

Rain shower and shower mixer are available in fittings that are available for enhancing decorative TOILET DESIGN. Accessories are available for improving customers TOILET DESIGN and customer can select the design of accessories online. When customer selects and order accessories of their own choice now it’s our responsibility to provide or deliver the quality products on time. And we are proud to tell that we are best in doing it. Most of our accessories offers are available online on

It is online shop and physical outlet is also available in Singapore. Services of focusing and designing bathrooms are provided through our different products and frills. Basin accessories including Basin tap, mixer of basin and glass mixer are accessories offered for bathroom faucets.

Bathroom closets are also available in different designs and those who are interested to remodel their bathroom can intend, generate and value their bathroom by selecting the cabinets for it depending upon their choice. TOILET DESIGN can Made for superlative fit accessories completes your bathroom for a harmonized appears. They are easy to get to in a wide diversity of insignia, designs and sizes and we propose decorative patterns for highest relieve. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost important motto.

We are serving our customers by providing the fitting of bathroom relevant to their choice and we also provide customized products. Both built in and stand alone bath tubs are available in our shop. Lavatories are offered in a persuasive variety of styles, as well as a broad collection of robust supplies and exclusive colors. Bidet seat covers also available in different patterns and wall hung can be bought from our pile up. Moreover standby parts are also accessible for substitute.  Every magnificent characteristic of bathroom fixtures and furnishings has been sympathetically made and designed and carefully craft to improve both stylish look and aesthetic patterns is available now in Singapore at our shop.

Customers that are interested in incredible and innovative design can find the fittings and accessories of their choice. We have made possible the customized designing of bathroom and customers can visit and select design online which suits to their option. Moreover client can put back their frills and find the best spare parts also in our store. We are well-known for our excellence, styles and replacements that are available in every design for any type of lavatory accessories. It is bathroom warehouse in Singapore customer finds comfortable where they can find all fittings and fixtures of bathroom in all beautiful designs and textures.