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Bathroom Fittings Singapore

When you are planning to get a new wash basin for your bathroom, there are wide selections in the wash basin Singapore market. A washbasin is an important item in a bath room or kitchen and it should be compact enough for your space; yet big enough to be used. Unlike the cloak room’s wash basin, a basin in bathroom generally has larger size.

Bathroom Fittings Singapore

The toilet basin types

Whether it’s pedestal or wall hung basin; the variable are many and the material itself ranges from ceramic to porcelain. Of course, incorporating the material and design need to be done carefully. The most popular choice of wash basin is vitreous china or ceramic. A modern home usually uses porcelain but some contemporary design today incorporates modern designed glass wash basin that gives the transparent look. For a bathroom with spa-like design, the stylish basin comes from natural stone like granite. You can also pick a rustic edgy style from basin made out of copper. The material of bathroom basin evolves from time to time so there will be plenty of alternatives.

Things to consider for your bathroom ideas

Ensuring that your washbasin accommodates your tap is a must. Wash basin comes in various sizes and shapes and the format can either make the space pretty or ugly. If you want your basin to be the large part of the toilet; you need to consider choices like the spacing and where or is it going to be placed. It also needs a correct design so you can put holes for the tap later on.

Bathroom Fittings Singapore

A wash basin is actually a versatile piece of bathroom furniture. You don’t need to connect it with soil pipe and you just have to figure out the waste water run and how you’re going to install the piping system ideally.

Installing your new wash basin

If you can’t do it by yourself, you can ask a help from professional installer who knows how to place the basin and construct the waste run on the piping system. It is important to have it correctly installed on the first place so you can avoid any damage or malfunction later on. With the extensive choices of wash basin, you can now  be glad that your options are getting wider to find the most suitable furniture in your bathroom.

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