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Bathroom Design Ideas Singapore

Bathroom ideas are often neglected by homeowners

Bathroom Design Ideas Singapore

Bathroom ideas are often neglected by homeowners because they think it’s not part of the one that needs attention. However, the style of bathroom, the cleanliness and the comfort can reflect a home owner especially to the guests who enter!

If you have a small home, need not be worry; here are some of the inspiration for bathroom design ideas in your small house.

Rust-proof well mounted storage

Got no space for your toilet roll holder? You can trick your bathroom by mounting cube storage on the wall. This require no fitting on the floor so you can use up the wall space to keep your shaver, tooth brush or any other grooming stuffs you have. The secret to a spacious small bathroom is the ability to organize the clutter. Your bathroom tools may consist of small pieces of tooth brush, glasses, combs, etc. You can keep it neat by hanging plastic storage on the door or place a small drawer under the basin.


Corners mean everything for small space especially bathroom. You have at least 3 out of 4 corners that you can put your bathroom accessories to. To make the most of your bathroom design, be sure to put it on graphics before going for a shop. Corner bath tub or sink is suitable for small space. This allows home owner to put the item on corners where it usually leaves space. For Singaporean homes, home owners prefer small bathroom Singapore to be placed on corner so it could have both, functional and decorative purposes.

Bathroom Singapore

Curtains for door

Your shower glass door can be replaced by curtains. For those with children, curtains are much safer and also space-saving item to be installed in your bathroom.

The lighting

It’s no wonder that led ceiling lights Singapore can make a huge difference when you place them on specific area of your bathroom. Create that reflection or shadows to have a sense of spacious and airy bathroom even when it is small. You can find an ample of inspiring ideas from the internet or simply consult with your interior designer for the right lighting in your bathroom. Make sure that it creates a cozy feel because your bathroom is a private place that you  should be enjoying when doing your daily cleaning activity. One thing to remember, always opt for functional on top of brand!

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