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Let LED Light The Way: Philips LED Singapore

Philips LED Singapore
It may soon be lights out for traditional lighting as Philips LED (Light Emitting Diode) Singapore technology is pointing to a better, safer and much cheaper future. Philips LED Singapore lighting is fast gaining a new and more informed breed of users and believers. The technology is now well embraced not just for homes but also for corporate or business centers and recreational outdoor areas such as parks and waterways as well. Exterior installations and monumental landmarks have benefited immensely not just from its range of benefits (and wide array of colors) but from its aesthetic viability as well.

Philips LED Singapore easily emits warm white light

The rapidly growing appeal of Philips LED Singapore is understandable given the many advantages the technology offers. Philips LED Singapore is environment friendly compared to its incandescent and fluorescent counterparts. It consumes about eighty to as much as ninety per cent less energy and has a decisively longer life span. It is also tougher in that they’re likely to be less influenced by thermal effects. It doesn’t produce heat in the form of infrared radiation like what incandescent bulbs produce. You can keep it on as long as you want and you need not worry about your light getting too hot for comfort. This also makes Philips LED Singapore safe and secure.

Speaking of safe and secure, Philips LED Singapore is less prone to damage due to external shocks, thanks to the solid components. The incandescent and fluorescent varieties easily break if they’re exposed to the same kind of external torture.

If you’re using color LEDs, the intended hue is emitted without the need for color filters that traditional lighting requires. This likewise results to energy efficiency.

Less energy consumption and longer life make it easy to shed light why it’s budget friendly as well. It easily cuts down your monthly power consumption and its long life (average life span is 10 years and can stretch to even 20 depending on use) makes you less likely to be replacing it every now and then. The maximum life span of a Philips LED Singapore light is estimated to be the equivalent of 25 incandescent bulbs. With that kind of ratio, imagine how much that translates in terms of savings.

Philips LED Singapore easily emits warm white light that provides for a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Illumination is instant as it does not require any warm-up period. Dark indoor spots such as closets, garage interior,naturally concealed areas such as those beneath kitchen cabinets and any other special corner of your house can benefit from concentrated lighting due to Philips LED Singapore’s unidirectional illumination.

Ditto for kitchen counter tops and the special corners of your home that serve as your workstations. Because it doesn’t emit light in all directions, it can keep light focused where you want it to glow. Despite the singularity of its direction,this doesn’t make the room or spot less luminous. The primary benefit of using Philips LED Singapore is that it provides adequate lighting. Sure then mood is there, but the lighting is also sufficient. Even bathrooms can have that desired effect and need not bathe in excessive light that traditional bulbs provide. It’s also because of its effective management of light distribution that makes it energy efficient.

Given this feature, Philips LED Singapore can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of any spot it shines on, highlighting the desirable while downplaying the other components of the space which should require less prominence. Its high color rendering value retains the integrity and naturalness of your space’s colors. And this kind of illumination can also be relied on for consistency as its light output is stable all throughout its life span. This means that your space gets to enjoy quality lighting and bask in its natural colors for years and years.

Another way Philips LED Singapore can enhance mood or functionality is its dimmable feature. There’s a wide selection of LED lighting to choose from that allows you to make the necessary adjustments in light intensity. You can make your space as ambient or as task-related as you want it to be.

Philips Led Singapore

Even at low lighting levels, Philips LED Singapore is consistently stable and pure. Philips global dominance in LED lighting assures you that you get that seal of high quality with each Philips LED Singapore light you purchase.

Innovation in usage is as much a product of Philips LED Singapore’s innovative technology. Given its more compact size compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, Philips LED Singapore allows for plenty of creative uses with regard to its installation. It can be incorporated in slimmer light boxes which can be used as wall washers to make a spot more visually appealing. Glass works, metal crafts and framed artworks are made much more prominent with Philips LED Singapore. Even a simple framed family photo glimmers with light textures that only a unidirectional LED light can provide.

As a certifiably green product, Philips LED Singapore not only benefits the environment but even your health. Because of the precise wavelengths by which LED technology emits lights and how this can be adjusted accordingly, Philips LED Singapore can actually imitate or approximate sunlight as a way of extending its presence in your homes. This simulation of natural light allows your body clock or circadian rhythm to stay in sync and prevents it from malfunctioning. According to some studies, this usually happens when our bodies don’t benefit from a regular stream of strong light similar to daylight. The warm bask of light at night also helps in the production of melatonin, the hormone essential to getting proper sleep.

Mood is not just about how the quality of light appeals to one’s emotions. It also has a lot to do with keeping our mental state healthy. Philips LED Singapore’s controlled light emission and dimness adjust-ability can help keep away depression, suppress anxiety, and improve quality of sleep.

With LED lighting’s economy, efficiency and variety, more people are beginning to see the light and quickly making the shift. Pretty soon, Philips LED Singapore may completely phase out the traditional bulbs and set itself as the standard in lighting your homes.

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Light and Right: Let Philips LED Lighting Singapore Brighten Up Your Home

Philips Led Lighting Singapore

Light creates moods. Light brings out colors. Light gives life. The list can go on and on that puts light in every different light imaginable. It’s why visual artists would kill to capture the perfect luminescence – or that right quality of light at the right time of day. It stirs their palettes in mixing the right colors to splash on their canvas. Light can transcend the ambience of a location or transport you to a different one. Have you tried walking on a street where the light shifts from very bright to somehow overcast? On one of those occasions, did it feel like you’re walking somewhere in another part of the planet because of how the light bathed the landscape?

If you’re in the midst of renovating your space or just about to move in to a new one, let Philips LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting Singapore inspire to add that touch of brilliance to make your home transcendent and resplendent.

Naturally, aesthetic and function are at the core of those choices. If you’ve invested a great deal in coming up with the right furniture, fixtures or decors, you most certainly don’t want them looking drab with the wrong lighting. Neither would you like those lights to make them invisible or a mere shadowy artifact that you could easily bump your feet into.

Lighting up with Philips LED Lighting Singapore can be simple or as intricate and elaborate as you want it to be. Given the generally limited confines of a Singapore home space, this task could either lead you to overlight or underlight your space. However, in choosing the right Philips LED Lighting let function guide you first and foremost.

Function in this context refers to determining exactly what kind of activity happens in a particular space. In doing so, this will help you pinpoint where lighting should be concentrated. Your interior designer may have other ideas but this is where you must resolve how much illumination you desire.Philips LED Lighting Singapore offers that unique quality in making sure that you get sufficient lighting for your space without overdoing it. For instance, if you’re angling to make your bathroom not just some functional space but a sanctuary or haven of sorts, Philips LED Lighting can provide the right illumination to create that mood without you stumbling or tripping through your other bathroom fixtures.

Adequate lighting with Philips LED Lighting Singapore can help you avoid unnecessary and unforeseen incidents in your space. Think of your kitchen space and how much lighting you’re getting there. It can mean the difference between making your cooking a delight or a disaster. There’s also that distinct possibility that accidents could arise. The last thing you want is to turn your night meal from an enjoyable feast to an emergency. Philips LED Lighting Singapore can offer practical suggestions to help you decide that right kind of light.

Now that you’ve figured out how much light your space should get, you can focus now on seeing how light affects it. Philips LED Lighting Singapore helps any part of your home become even more attractive, attention-grabbing or even atrocious (imagine how it can put the spotlight on that furnishing or décor that should never have been there in the first place).

Overall, Philips LED Lighting Singapore can make any spot calm, comforting, cozy, and cool. It can make the colors of your space seem more vibrant. It can provide great emphasis on the exquisite contours of your furnishings and the elegant shapes of your decors. It can also underplay certain furniture or accessories that you can’t simply do away with (a storage bureau or that dreadful heirloom vase that your partner stubbornly clings to).

Because of its being multifunctional, Philips LED Lighting Singapore should stand as an integral part of your home design. With its unidirectional feature, Philips LED Lighting Singapore can also be focused on the darkest recesses of your home. These areas can be your cabinets, the space under your kitchen, your kitchen countertop, night stands and computer tables.But Philips LED Lighting Singapore can also work wonders for your exteriors.

It can provide just the right amount of light for your yard or garden especially if you’re spending a great deal of time there at night. It can
complement the aesthetics of your exteriors.

Philips LED Lighting shines not only because of how it lights up your home. It can also help reduce your electric bill. Philips LED Lighting is energy efficient. It consumes up to about ninety per cent less energy than those traditional incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lighting. If you’re concerned about what goes on in your environment, Philips LED Lighting makes you earth-friendly.

Philips LED Lighting Singapore

Another reason that it’s cost efficient is because it lasts longer. One LED bulb, depending on use, can be the equivalent of twenty or more incandescent bulbs in terms of life span. And that’s just for one LED bulb. Now if you’ve been using the same traditional high-watt bulbs for your other fixtures or light receptacles, think of how much you stand to save when you start replacing them with Philips LED Lighting.

Still on energy and cost efficiency, Philips LED lighting also reduces the number of watts required to light up a spot without reducing the intensity of illumination. Suppose you’ve been accustomed to using a 40-or- more-watt bulb to light your bathroom. Now you can easily replace that with a Philips LED 8 watts and it will do the same job if not much better. You don’t have to keep your home space awash in light to get the right amount of illumination.

And as much as it is energy efficient, Philips LED Lighting Singapore is absolutely safe. One can absolutely feel more secure using it as opposed to regular bulbs. Regular bulbs can get really hot, especially when used for prolonged periods. Given this, they could also be considered fire hazards.

Not so with Philips LED Lighting. You can keep it on for hours without it overheating. You can wrap your hand around it and not worry at all about melting your digits.

Philips LED Lighting Singapore comes in various choices from bulbs to candles to circular casing for ceilings to tubes. And with its growing demand in the country, Philips LED Lighting Singapore has recently launched an online store. The e-commerce site will allow customers to browse for choices and make the orders online. The online store guarantees free delivery to any part of the city state.

Let Philips LED technology light the way in making a better home for you.

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Bright Lighting Ideas For You

The right light can make you, your family and guests feel right at home and comfortable

Bright Lighting Ideas

Are you looking for design ideas for your new home’s interior? Or, you’re just thinking of renovating your room or the whole house and haven’t thought of what to tinker on? You might want to consider a make-over for your lighting Singapore fixtures.

How Important Is Lighting, Really?

According to design experts, lighting Singapore is one of the more important things to ponder on when you have a home design or make-over project. The type, the use, and the placement of lighting fixtures create and define the right mood, style, and functionality of a room.

The right light can make you, your family and guests feel right at home and comfortable, and look your best, too. Be careful with too much lighting. Overly bright rooms can make you feel uncomfortable as in a hospital. But, with the right balance, guests would want to stay longer in your place because it’s homey and they feel relaxed.

If you want to create an illusion of space, ensure to have a well-lighted room through the use of man-made and natural lighting Singapore. Search for ways to bring in sufficient sunlight in the room to save on electricity costs. For starters, consider having large bay windows and using sheer curtains or drapes, or blinds to allow the flow of light from natural sources in the house. You may also use a sky light in certain areas to bring out a softer glow.

Dark wall colors can make your apartment look cramped and small while light colors give the illusion of wider space as light is reflected off the surfaces of the wall. Use directional or positional lighting, such as track light to enhance and soften your wall colors. The use of recessed lighting Singapore which illuminates the floor can add to an illusion of space. The proper use of ambient lighting Singapore, or light from the ceiling helps modify the overall lightness or darkness of the room. Use it according to your need.

Any design or make-over project can definitely get you up on your toes with excitement. But, before getting down to it and making up your mind on this and that, here are more do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you have such lighting Singapore undertaking:


  • Light up a room according to its function.Some rooms need not be lighted up entirely and completely. In your bedroom, for example, all you need are good reading lights on bed and table and task light for dressing up.In the living room, have combination lights like overhead lights, floor lamps, table lamps and track or recessed lighting Singapore. With all these, the room will look bright enough but not overwhelming because you can have your way and choose which to turn on at the same time.Kitchen lighting Singapore may be more complicated as a lot of work is done here. Find your work area and make sure it is lighted on eye level. You may have task lights on cabinets, stove range or counter tops.The lights in the bathroom may either be totally bright, but you may also opt for a soft glow. There is no right way to go as there are good reasons for either route. One thing for sure, the use of candlelight can further enhance your bathing experience.Your vanity area in the bathroom may need to be well-lighted for you to find your beauty kits, creams, tools and accessories. On that note, to be organized, it helps to have drawers and acrylic inserts in them.
  • Choose your light source and diffuse it.Lighting Singapore source can be from the ceiling, walls or the floor. Use lamps to your advantage by using the right lampshade. For diffused look, go for burlap and linen. If you really want bright lights, go for crisp white. Before picking up a shade made of silk or satin, remember that it may be challenging to clean it up.
  • Have dimmers.Dimmers are devices that can set the brightness of the lights. The beauty of these devices is that it allows for flexibility to create the right ambiance for the room given the time of the day. It’s a good investment as it saves energy. Make this a non-negotiable, especially when you have only one source of light from the ceiling.
  • Use lights as interesting décor.Always incorporate your lights in the décor and theme of the room. Tall classy table lamps can provide a touch of elegance to the room. Or have a floor or table lamp with a color that contrasts the rest of the room making it a focal point of interest. You may want to get an arching floor lamp for beauty, drama and a hint of modernity.A chandelier in the foyer or lighting up the living room or a dining table can add a touch of luxury to your abode and make good conversation piece. As it is the centrepiece of the room, when choosing one, make sure it goes with the theme and design of the room. Consider its material, size, placement, the amount of light it will emit.

Singapore Philips Lighting


  • Don’t use fluorescent tubes.Throw them away. Fluorescent bulbs are not only harmful for the environment because of their mercury content; it also doesn’t bring out the right hue and can cause eye fatigue. Choose compact fluorescent light bulb or CFL instead, or the costlier alternative called LED.
  • Don’t show off lamp cordsIn design perspective, details matter even minor ones. Lamp cords running across the room are not only unsightly but make cause accidents, too. You don’t want to trip over long cords snaking around the living room. Invest in extra electrical outlets.
  • No peeking lamp bulbs.Whether it’s a floor or table lamp, make sure that you don’t see the neck of the bulb, or the body itself when you’re standing up or sitting down. The glare of the bulb can be harsh to one’s eyes and face.
  • Don’t go overboard with canned lights.

    Overhead lights or canned lights can light up a room nicely but use it sparingly and know how to position it to your advantage. Make sure it gets the lighting job done and it doesn’t look distracting.

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Home and Lighting: Tips From the Experts

Lighting ideas can indeed improve the total atmosphere of any place

Lighting Shops Singapore

Whether you are renting a place or you own the home you are staying in, designing its interiors may be such a great challenge. Oftentimes, when decorating, we forget about the importance of lighting in creating the atmosphere and the overall visual effects. It’s about time that we acknowledge that however expensive a place may be, without proper use of lighting, it would look cheap uncomfortable and cheap. Professional designers suggest the following useful tips that will surely make a big difference in our homes along with the lighting shops Singapore.

Custom light schemes

What is a custom light scheme? It is a combination of light effects in specified areas and rooms of your house. This has been used a lot by well-known modern interior designers who have made a big leap in the interior design industry. Don’t worry too much about the cost. While there are fixtures that are expensive, proper matching of light is not that pricey at all. Just listen to the experts and you do not need to hire a professional designer to accomplish great effects.

  • Variety. There is beauty in diversity. It is the use of a range of lighting in different locations and areas of your home. Even if you are renting the place, you can put in your personal touch by using variety. The lighting shops Singapore have a number of items from which you may choose.
  • Focus. Certain objects or fixtures in your house can be a focal point. Putting more lights on specific objects like your favorite painting or an antique item.
  • Intensity. The differing intensity of lighting can be employed to prevent ‘lighting fatigue.’ You can differ the brightness in certain rooms to avoid that kind of effect of a bright and shadow-less conference area. Shadows can exude beauty if used the right way. It can give off a vibe of coziness.
  • Directed lighting. In specific rooms of your home such as the kitchen, it is not necessary for you to put lights in the center of the room. You can instead put directed lights on kitchen islands and countertops for a more emphatic effect.
  • Position. Install lights in specific positions to get maximum results and benefits. Consider putting lights on both sides and above the mirror in your bathroom. You won’t need the shadows when you are putting on your makeup or doing your hair.
  • Vertical surfaces. The walls and vertical spaces are areas that need to have that artistic effect. Putting appropriate lights with varied brightness in these areas will surely make a room beautiful.
  • Use of dimmers. According to the experts, instead of switches, you must use dimmers. This is the quickest and cheapest way of creating great lighting effects. These dimmers are available in lighting shops Singapore.

Common lighting errors

Knowing about the tricks of custom lighting scheme and employing them in your own place is not enough. You must be aware that without a plan, you may be spending much more than necessary. The lighting shops Singapore agree that the following mistakes must be avoided.

  • Downlights all over the place. It has been a common mistake to install can lights in many areas of your house because they are inexpensive. The problem with can lights is that they are not bright enough to illumine the vertical surfaces and walls. The total effect of these lights will be gloomy and dark and will give a cave-like effect on your houseinstead.
  • Lack of task lights. In the kitchen, task lights are important. Installing lights under upper cabinets is important to shed more light on the counter where you do most of the cooking preparations. Use fluorescent or LED singapore color temperature from lighting shops Singapore.
  • Downlights only over the vanity. Using downlights in the bathroom may not be enough especially above the mirror. These lights may focus on some fixtures in your bathroom such as a nickel faucet for instance; but you surely need more light when doing personal grooming tasks such as trimming your eyebrows, shaving or putting on makeup. Lights should be installed on the sides of the mirror to avoid shadows.
  • Lack of dimming. Incandescent or halogen lights need to be installed with dimmers. Lighting your residence with these types of lighting is necessary for longer periods of time; however, they must be dimmed to decrease heat output and energy as well as lengthen the life of the bulb. You can find dimmers as well as long-lasting lamps in lighting shops Singapore.
  • Not incorporating task, ambient, and accent lighting singapore . Putting together different types of light is always a big plus. Task lighting is necessary to focus on areas where some tasks are done such as countertops and other kitchen areas. The ambient light is used for activities like conversing, walking around as well as identifying items. Finally, accent lights are necessary to let an artwork, a centerpiece, or certain features of your place stand out. Making use of these three types of light will give your more benefits such as functionality, sufficient lighting and interest.
  • Neglecting control of the lights. Each light has different use and effect; thus, each of them must be controlled properly mainly because of practicality and economy. This can be accomplished by installing several switches and dimmers, setting of timers, and use of remote controls.
  • Downlights used as ambient light. Installing downlights on ceilings to serve as ambient lights are not efficient at all. They do not exude enough light and do not even beautify that area as much as focused lights. Downlights can be used on the walls though to achieve that desired effect. Different types of light are available at lighting shops Singapore.
  • Lights as plain decorations. Installing lights because of their designs rather than their effects is a mistake. It would often lead to wasted energy and expense. To get more ideas about making use of light to give beautifying effects through colors and distribution as well as to conserve energy, consult the experts from lighting shops Singapore.

Lighting Shops Singapore

Lighting ideas can indeed improve the total atmosphere of any place especially your home. Using the tips and tricks from the experts are worth all the effort and time. You can have a comfortable place that looks classy and modern that you will surely be proud of.

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Which Type Of Lightings Should You Choose?

A lot of homeowners use cove lights from Singapore Philips lighting

Achieving your dream home involves paying attention to more than just the furniture and fixtures. Lighting is just as important, if not more so, as any other design component in your home. Your expensive new sofa may not mean anything if you don’t have the proper lighting to accentuate it. The mood of your whole kitchen or bathroom depends heavily on the lighting you use.

Because of the wide range of bulbs and lights available for homeowners, choosing the right ones can be challenging. It should be a welcome challenge for you. You do not have to do all the work yourself since a lot of help is available online. To get you started, here are some of the most popular types available from brands like Singapore Philips lighting. Also included are tips on when and where to use them.

LED Cove Lights

A lot of homeowners use cove lights from Singapore Philips lighting in their living rooms and dining halls. Cove lights are mounted onto ledges in ceilings and shine light upwards as well as down the adjacent walls. They are perfect for accentuating dining tables and sofas. Although they are used primarily for aesthetic purposes, they still do an excellent job in providing ample lighting to the entire room.

Perhaps the number one advantage of cove lighting is that it hides the light tubes so that they do not affect your interior design. Those who prefer clean and uncluttered interior design go for LED cove lights such as those available from Singapore Philips lighting.

LED Strips

LED strips function similarly to cove lights, although they are more energy efficient. They too can be hidden away from sight. But unlike cove lights, they are more flexible and versatile. For cove lights, you can only install them on ceilings. But for LED strips, you can easily plaster them to the back of your TV, or perhaps your bathroom mirror. You can even go all out and install LED strips above your kitchen counter. They will immediately add a touch of sophistication to any room. Nowadays, it is rare to see a modern home in Singapore without at least one spot where LED strips are installed.

LED strips from Singapore Philips lighting are sold by the meter and you can choose between warm white or daylight. There are also stores that include installation in their services. They will also install the appropriate power supply needed to sustain these LED strips.

Hanging Lights

The primary purpose of hanging lights is to make a room look more stylish. Especially if you have simple furniture, hanging lights will add just the right amount of classy and playful design to your room.

Included in this type of lighting are chandeliers and pendant lights. A popular place to install them is above kitchen islands. Just make sure not to hang them too low or too close to the table. Lighting stores will usually help you with the proper measurement for your hanging lights. Also keep in mind that hanging lights look better in groups of odd numbers than even numbers.

Even though fluorescent bulbs used to be the go-to choice for hanging lights, LED lights from Singapore Philips lighting are considered to be more efficient these days. If used and installed properly, hanging lights are perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing among the different types of lighting.

Lightings Singapore

Track Lights

Track lighting is a type of lighting where two or more fixtures are mounted onto a single rod. Electrical current passes through this rod. You can move these multiple fixtures independently from each other. For instance, you can have one fixture facing the right side, another fixture going straight through the middle, and another fixture facing the left side.

Although originally used to light up a stage during concerts and plays, track lights are now used as a trendy new way to light up modern houses. They come in a wide array of hip designs used in home entertainment systems, gaming rooms, and even in the bedroom. If you want something cool and different, have track lights above your TV or bed.

LED Downlights

Downlights are also popular items from brands like Singapore Philips lighting. They are simple yet elegant. They are visible yet do not clutter a room. You can’t go wrong with downlights. They are the safe choice if you are not sure what kind of lights will best suit a particular room. They also work well in limited spaces. Because they use Philips LED bulbs, they are energy efficient. They look great in groups of four, one on each corner of the room. Or if energy expenditure isn’t an issue for you, you can install rows of these things in your large living room.

Downlights are versatile because you can use them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or your office. Although they have efficient brightness, they are not too harsh on the eyes. You can also choose between warm white or daylight.


As the name suggests, spotlights shed a single ray of light on a particular piece of furniture or any object such as a painting. They are not used as primary sources of light. They are used as secondary lighting to highlight whatever it is you want extra attention on. For instance, they are used to light up a trophy case in the living room, or perhaps a mirror in the bathroom. Whatever it is, spotlights are the instant way to get people to notice something.

Light Bulbs

These conventional lighting fixtures are still around and enjoy its own share of consumer preference. There are still a lot of types and styles of light bulbs. There are different designs of Singapore Philips lighting fixtures, for instance, that vary in terms of tone and wattage. If you are unsure of what you need, you can simply bring in your old one and tell the lighting store personnel that you need a replacement.

For more options in lighting fixtures, you can browse online and check out your options. You may also pick up some tips on how to maximize your lighting in order to save on costs, both on installation and on your regular energy consumption.

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A Guide To Setting Up Philips Lighting Singapore Systems

Philips Lighting Singapore
What is light? It is an energy source that helps the whole world to survive. The first lighting systems were invented a long time ago, thanks to our caveman predecessors who used torches to light their homes, and to cook food. The early men used torches and open flame when they go outside of the caves to hunt for food, to explore or to camp out for the night. Then came the invention of wax candles.Numerous companies began making various candles of all sizes. Then other types of lighting included William Murdoch’s gaslight, Thomas Alva Edison’s incandescent bulb, and the fluorescent light. Now there are a variety of modern Philips lighting Singapore fixtures made available, thanks to the innovations of father and son tandem Frederick and Gerard Philips. They founded Philips, one of the most successful electronic companies in Netherlands. Philips is one of the leading
producers of light fixtures in the world – and with good reason.

A good Philips lighting Singapore system will always have the following qualities:

1) It adheres to Singapore Consumer Protection standards with regards to quality, and safety

2) It enables the user to regulate glare

3) It provides adequate lighting, at times, with luminosity levels that can be adjusted.

4) It enables you to benefit from light that’s properly installed and placed in the right direction.There are many uses of light. Light keeps our neighborhood streets safe as one walks home in the night. It beautifies our surroundings and increases tourism in Singapore. It helps major facilities perform efficiently in their day to day operations like movie houses, gasoline stations, car parks, sports arenas, factories, hotels, hospitals, airports, warehouses, and twenty-four- hour convenience stores and supermarkets. More than that, it also creates the mood in a room so
it’s important that the consumer has the ability to manipulate how much light is needed for an event.

There are also different types to suit every need, and Philips are known to produce these:

1)CFL Lightbulb (compact fluorescent light bulbs)

2)Incandescent light bulb

3)LED light bulbs (energy saving lights)

Considerations When Checking And Setting Up Lighting Systems Quality Philips lighting Singapore fixtures, when properly installed, helps us to see things. It reduces headaches and strain in our eyes. It minimizes accidents in the work. Here is a checklist of lighting concerns that people may encounter at home or at work:

1) The amount of light. Not all lights are created equal. The right kind

of light must be used for the right kind of activity.

2) Glare coming from other light fixtures

3) Presence of Shadows

4) Workers complaining of headaches and experiencing eye strain

5) Unsteady and fluctuating lights. Flickering lights are a problem because the eyes will be having a hard time doing fine motor activities like electrical repairs, sewing, and hobbies.

6) Lighting concerns in places like factories wherein people handle equipment like the high-speed sewing machine, electric saw, electric cutter, high-grade kitchen equipment, and the like. Workers need to get a clear view of the things in their surroundings.

7) Lighting replacements. Is there a need to change the lights? Is there a schedule followed as to when the lights are being replaced.

8) Financial concerns. Some lighting devices come with a higher wattage, and when used for a long time, it can cause a dent on the budget. Philips lighting Singapore offers LED lamps that are energy efficient.

9) Mention the type of equipment to be used, especially if there will be a computer inside a room, regardless if it’s a laptop or PC. The computer emits light coming from its monitor, and this produces excess light. Aside from that, the monitor is also a mirror that receives reflections from objects that give off glare. The designer or contractor can create a workaround to minimize unwanted eye strain that this will cause.

If one wants to have a room’s lighting done like those appearing in showrooms, glossy magazines, and websites, one needs to consult an expert interior designer or contractor that can help determine the lighting needs for a home. Here are the qualifications and questions that you should consider when looking for a reputable designer or contractor:

1)The company should be a member of a Singaporean organization that would certify the company as a reputable and professional designer like the Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA) or the International Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS).

2)The designer or contractor should present a portfolio of successful projects that show the use Philips lighting Singapore installation.
They must show a portfolio of actual work done, or if possible, they take you to visit clients who have consulted them too.

Philips Lighting Singapore

3)The designer or contractor must be of a trustworthy reputation. The consumer must perform background checks, browse the internet and
check out social media on reviews or feedback about them. They should also provide with a list of suppliers as well

4)Ask for an estimate on how much will be spent for lighting. The designer or contractor should provide a list of every light bulb used in
the project. It should mention the brand name, type, amount, and quantity of lights used. A Philips lighting Singapore product is beneficial for customers with concerns regarding their budget.

Environmental concerns about lighting are important for the consumer as well. Ask the designer how a workaround will be made on such.

1) Is there a way to recycle or reduce trash once the light bulb is used up?

2) Are there projects or causes I could attend that will recycle these light bulbs that are used?

3) How can lighting contribute or benefit to a green community?

4) How can lighting restore the environment? Don’t be afraid to ask for the best lighting brand or equipment that will help you have a better lighting system in your home. It will be too late if one finds defective, or poor or cheaply made lights are installed in the home. Such concern can lead to accidents, and is a fire hazard in the home or office. Safety is always the most important issue when it comes to Philips lighting Singapore installations. Keep in mind that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

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Faucet Singapore

Faucet Singapore

Every home that comes with a bathroom and a kitchen need to have two things: an efficient plumbing system and a properly installed faucet. Doing water-based activities like doing the laundry, washing food, cleaning the bathroom, taking a bath, cooking, or painting with watercolor are a breeze with an efficient faucet. Whether if it’s a remodeling or a replacement job, choosing the right faucet can do a lot of wonders for your home. The search for the suitable faucet is like a love affair, once you find it, don’t let it go.

There are many home improvement shops and online stores that sell the best faucet Singapore brand. Many brick and mortar stores display their wares and customers can ask the salesperson in charge to do a demo on how the faucet works — from installation to actual usage of the product. There are also online stores that show high definition photos as well as detailed technical description of the faucets. Many people shop at online stores because it’s convenient. Payments are made through electronic fund transfers. For questions about a product online, a website customer service representative is contacted through the phone or email.

There are a variety of faucet Singapore designs. Here are the different kinds of faucets:

1)Two-Handle Faucet

Most homes have the two handle faucet because it is the most common type available in the market. This is the best type of faucet to use if one wants to have a hot water supplied in the home.

2)Pull Down Faucet

A pull-down faucet uses an extending hose that you can literally pull down, an action that you do when you close down the shades of your window.

3)Pullout Faucet

A pullout faucet is the best type of faucet to install in the kitchen. It is adjustable and has the extending hose as that of a pull-down faucet

4)Single Handle Faucet

Single handle levers are becoming popular nowadays because it does not require so much effort when using it. This type of faucet is best used if there are children, people with disabilities, and senior citizens residing in the home. These people may have a hard time opening the faucet for so many reasons like tremors and weakness of the hands, or an unsteady gait when walking or standing up near the sink.

Do consider the following when buying a faucet :

1) How do you plan to use the faucet?

Identify how many people live in the house. People use the faucet differently, especially if people with disabilities live in the home. Some exert little or a lot of effort when using it. Some may need to use special devices in order to use such a faucet Singapore setup.

2) Is it worth your money?

We want value for money products. There are a lot of faucets in the market today offering different features to its consumers. Be sure to ask the contractor or salesperson who is knowledgeable on faucet Singapore designs. They should not force or do a hard sell to a customer to buy such utilities just to have a sale.

3) Is it long lasting?
Ask which faucets Singapore designs are sturdy and efficient. Included in this is the availability of a customer service number that you can contact just in case the faucet that you purchased is defective and needs to be replaced with a new one. Ask if there’s also a warranty card that is included with it.

4)How accessible is it?

For example, if it’s in the kitchen, one has to consider the distance of the faucet to the sink, to the counter, and to the other appliances surrounding it like the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the stove and the trash bin. Once the homeowner has mapped out these concerns, that’s the only time to decide where to install the faucet, and to contact a reputable contractor that specializes in bathroom and kitchen faucet Singapore installations.

5)Aesthetics and functionality of the faucet

Choosing an appropriate faucet for the home is a personal thing, so do not be afraid to invest in a high-quality faucet. Do some comparison shopping and look up manuals.

What are the benefits of a good faucet Singapore design?

1)Saves money

It saves money because you have bought a faucet that matches the needs of every person living in the home. It can be detrimental if only one person can use it while the others can’t due to mobility issues.

2)Maximizes space

This is an issue if you live in a condo or a house that is small, and has a limited counter space and sink that one can’t properly wash dishes, or pots and pans. An adjustable faucet can help alleviate the problem because pots and pans have different heights.

Faucet Singapore

3)Regulates water flow properly

A good faucet enables the user to control the water flow coming out without difficulty. It also minimizes splatters to the walls and counters of the kitchen.

Mistakes people usually make when buying faucets

It is best to consult an interior designer or contractor that’s an expert in kitchen and bathroom design to avoid costly mistakes in its installation. Here are some common errors when buying or looking for a faucet:

1)Haphazardly doing research for a good faucet

The internet offers a wealth of information about faucets that one can read. With the arrival of the internet and social media, one has no reason not to do a review of the faucet Singapore design. Various home improvement websites have a written an in-depth analysis of the technical aspects of the faucet, and a comparison of the different brands and models on sale in the market.

2)Buying one’s favorite faucet brand because it’s on sale Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s in good working order. Make sure to that when a purchase of such a discounted item is made, ask the sales staff to check if it’s functional and if it comes with a warranty. It can be very disastrous to find out that it can’t be used because of its missing parts or accessories, and the hired help has already arrived to install it.

Shopping for the best faucet Singapore is the best decision a homeowner can make for their home. Take time to look for the best faucet design that suits one’s everyday needs.

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Osram Singapore: An Elemental Feature in Design

Osram Singapore
Osram Singapore features a vast array of lighting options that can turn any household into a spectacular work of art. Lighting has the ability to transform any dreary space and give it a dramatic flair. The ambiance in any living space can easily be altered just by the type of lighting fixture used. The placement and type of lighting used are crucial elements in interior design since they work hand-in- hand with the color scheme, size of
the room, natural lighting and furniture. All of these elements must be cohesive to set the right mood but the lighting is the key factor that ties all of these elements together.

8 Tips on selecting the right lighting fixture from Osram Singapore

1. Plan strategically before selecting your lights

Installing a bunch of lighting fixtures in a single room can seem like a good idea because it is easy to assume that the more fixtures, the better the lighting. Unfortunately this is not the case. Take for instance recessed downlights, there is no need to lay these out in a grid because it actually produces the opposite effect. Some fixtures produce less lumen output in comparison to other lights so it is essential to select the right type of fixture to produce desired results.To avoid this dilemma, it is advisable to throughly anaylze the space where the fixtures will be installed and pre-determine where the fixtures will be placed and how the lighting should look in the end. Placing the same Osram Singapore lighting fixtures to increase the amount of light in the room may work but to get the best results, a certain amount of planning should be done prior to selecting your lighting.

2. Dim lights add flair but never forget task lights

How many times have we admired dim and dramatic lighting in a room only to find ourselves struggling in a semi-dark room when we try to do tasks? This is one common mistake that happens when practicality is overlooked because of ambiance. The upside is that Osram Singapore offers multiple types of lighting for all our household needs. Certain lighting fixtures offer higher lumen output when there is a need to do menial tasks. These are the types of considerations that must be noted in the planning stage for lighting fixtures. In addition to this, the color temperature of your lighting also plays a factor in a room. Dim lights normally have a higher temperature which is in contrast to cooler and brighter tones. Having a better understanding of color temperature will also aid in selecting the ideal fixture from Osram Singapore.

3. Considerations on bathroom lighting

The bathroom is one of the places in a house where we can play around with the lighting. Unfortunately, this can also cause some minor problems. If the wrong type of lighitng is selected, this can cause unflattering shadows and imaging. Even if the overall look of the bathroom is simple and clean, the right kind of lighting can transform it into a chic and high end room. Aside from this, selection of the appropriate form of lighting fixture is essential because a lot of time is spent in the bathroom doing day-to- day activities. Take for instance the use of a downlight to accent an intricate sink which unfortunately obstructs the user from bending over the sink to shave or put on make up.These small activities can make or break the functionality of the entire structure. For these situations, consider the use of Osram Singapore sconces instead of downlights. It saves space, creates a functional area for tasks without sacrificing the overall aesthetic component.

4. The power of dimmable lights

Osram Singapore offers a comprehensive assortment of dimmable lights which are more efficient, resource friendly and practical. Aside from having the ability to change the mood of a room with just a touch of switch, dimmable lights are also eco-friendly because they consume less energy and produce less heat. Not only are these lights helping the environment, they also cost less.

5. Setting multiple controls for different types of lighting

Another reason why it is essential to identify the types lighting to use in the planning stage is because it is important to have separate controls for different types of lighting. The easiest way to go about this is to have separate switches for each type of lighting fixture but there are newer ways to achieve this such as the use of a digital control box. But in cases where cost may become an issue, going with a conventional switch may be the most practical option. In any case, having separate control over various forms of lighting in a household is not only practical but also economical. It helps to make lighting more efficient and flexible depending on the user’s needs. If in case there is no need to have all
the lights turned on, the user can easily turn off the unnecessary lighting and save costs on energy. For digitally controlled lights, there is also an option to program the lights to turn on or off depending on the need.

Osram Singapore

6. Never forget proportion and measurements

Having the right kind of lighting also requires a certain amount of mathematical brainwork. For example, one should never place downlights in a high vaulted ceiling because this will simply result in wasted resources. There is not enough light output to cover the entire area. For high ceilings, lighting fixtures should be concentrated with tight beams in order to have a wider light coverage. Osram Singapore provides numerous options in terms of wide light coverage for these particular instances. Examples of these lighting fixtures are ceramic metal halide or halogen based light source.Lighting is an important tool that can help create a better interior design. It should neverbe an oversight. Lighting should be incorporated into a design in such a way that it creates a cohesiveness in the living space. Osram Singapore lighting fixtures can provide the elegance, sophistication or simplicity that your living space needs.

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Bidet Spray Singapore

The bidet spray Singapore presents cleanliness on a completely different level which is hardly comparable to other traditional methods of cleaning. In comparison to the use of a douche or wipes, the bidet offers a more effective and hygeinic approach of cleaning. The contraption features high pressure water coming out of its nozzle that effectively gets the job done without having to – literally – get your hands dirty.

Top 5 Reasons why bidet spray Singapore is the way to go

Bidet Spray Singapore

Bidets are used all over the world but surprisingly, these are not a common fixture in homes in the United States. Despite having numerous advantages, some people are still doubtful to use a bidet. Bathroom habits are not a common subject to discuss among peers because most consider this as a sensitive topic to talk about. At first glance, the thought of owning a bidet may seem odd but it does present numerous benefits that, later on, will make it a practical choice.

Initially, like with most unfamiliar contraptions, one may feel hesistant with the bidet spray Singapore. Those that have made the transition from wiping and douche to the use of a bidet cannot even imagine going back to the old days. Using a bidet will definitely affect the bathroom habits of a person since it provides more ease, comfort and makes the experience more enjoyable than the usual.

1.) Improving cleanliness and hygiene

The traditional way of going to the bathroom involves the use of a toilet paper when you’re done. This works for most people but unfortunately, it isn’t the most hygienic or comfortable way to “clean up”. In contrast, the bidet shoots out pressurized water out of its nozzle which helps to push the dirt and debris away from the skin surface. Immediately after use, it leaves a refreshingly clean feeling without any residues.

Appliances like the bidet spray Singapore is found in homes not just in the US and Europe but all across the world. The bidet comes in different shapes and sizes and has offers multiple features that a buyer can select from. For example, some bidets offer a warm water function which offers a soothing feeling on the skin during use. There are also bidets that are incorporated into toilet seats that offer a seat warming option for the user.

2.) Budget friendly

Toilet paper seems to be the economical choice since it is obviously cheaper to purchase but when calculated in a long term aspect, it costs more than a bidet. Aside from helping out the environment, the use of a bidet will have a positive impact on your long-term expenses. In addition to this, avoiding toilet paper altogether can lead to less or no plumbing problems which also reduces the chances of having to hire a plumber and incurring pluming repair expenses.

3.) Eco-friendly

Imagine how much toilet paper a person has used in their lifetime everytime they need to go to the bathroom then multiply that by the total number of people in a particular region in the world? Can you picture just how many trees have been sacrificed just for the sake of creating toilet paper? Aside from the vital role that trees play in the production of toilet paper, an enormously large amount of water is also an essential element required in creating this product. Aside from the raw materials, there are other factors that must be considered which contribute to poor environmental practices such as transport and packaging. The latter commonly involves the use of non-biodegradable plastic.

The simple use of a bidet can greatly affect the consumption and demand for toilet paper. Aside from the hygeinic advantages, the use of a bidet will help save our environment. Each household owning a bidet can immediately reduce the amount of trash they produce by simply switching to bidets instead of toilet paper.

Bidet Spray Singapore

4.) Dermatologically advantageous

Wiping with a toilet singapore paper after using the bathroom can be abrasive to the skin leading to irritation resulting in bumps and rashes. Anyone who has done this can attest to the fact that this is not the most comfortable way to “clean up”. This can prove to be most challenging for people who have hypersensitive skin which makes them extra sensitive to skin abrasions. The bidet spray Singapore offers a hygienic and comfortable alternative.

Aside from skin problems, the use of toilet paper can also be very uncomfortable for certain medical conditions. Some of these conditions include: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, rectal conditions, anal prolapse and the like. For such cases, a bidet would be the most logical choice. These conditions are already painful and uncomfortable on their own, the use of a bidet can provide a certain level of comfort. The warm water feature can aid in soothing pain and inflammation for conditions such as hemorrhoids.

In addition to this, long term use of toilet paper can also cause anal itching. This condition often results from friction caused by repeated wiping. A person with a disability who is unable to wipe himself using toilet paper may also find a bidet much more convenient to use and eliminates the need to ask for assistance.

5.) Plumber-friendly

One of the biggest concerns most households encounter is plumbing problems caused by clogged toilet paper. Everyone knows that we should not flush the toilet paper down the toilet after use but somehow this always seems to happen. The bidet spray Singapore can eliminate this problem easily because it takes away the need to use toilet paper altogether. A large fraction of toilet paper use can be removed simply with a bidet and by opting to add the air dry feature, toilet paper use can be reduced to zero.

The simple choice of having a bidet installed in your bathroom provides numerous advantages for not only for your hygiene but your budget as well. The enivronment friendly advantages of a bidet greatly outweigh the use of an ordinary douch or toilet paper. Try a bidet spray Singapore today and see what you’ve been missing out on!

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The Great Benefits of Singapore Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Singapore energy saving light bulbs have some benefits to your home as well as the environment

Singapore Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Singapore energy saving light bulbs have some benefits to your home as well as the environment. If you have not decided to have these features in your home, you probably do not know yet where to start or you are concerned that going green would cost you money and time that you could not afford.

You could actually start by simple swapping the regular incandescent light bulbs to energy-efficient lights. There would be huge savings in energy and money if every household in Singapore swaps just one bulb. This would cost you less than $20 and it will not take too much of your time.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Today, there are two types of energy saving light bulbs on the market: light-emitting diode (LED) and compact fluorescent lights (CFL).

LEDs are small bulbs that contain leads and the movement of electrons power them. This advanced type of technology replaces the filament found inside a standard incandescent bulb.LED bulbs last longer because they do not have filament to burn out and they are less bulky because they do not have filament to house.

CFL is one of the other Singapore energy saving light bulbs. This is a more powerful and a light-bulb version of the regular fluorescents light strips. You can screw CFLs into the standard light sockets. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes and they provide similar lighting effects to standard incandescent bulbs.

Benefits of Energy Saving Lighting

Perhaps the clearest benefit that LED and CFL lights offer is that they require much less energy to function compared to standard incandescent bulbs. Have a look below to find out how energy saving light bulbs can save you money and save the planet at the same time.


Compared to an incandescent bulb, a CFL light bulb is four times more efficient. CFLs can also last up to 10,000 hours, which is 10 times longer compared to an incandescent bulb. LED light bulbs are even more efficient because they could last up to 100,000 hours. This means that even if you leave these bulbs for 24 hours every day, it could still last for more than 11 years. Moreover, LED lights could lessen your electric bill by up to 90%.

Lower Greenhouse Emission

Using Singapore energy saving light bulbs can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If you replace one incandescent light bulb with an energy saving light bulb, you reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to half a ton. If every Singapore home switched just a single bulb, it will prevent greenhouse gases emission equal to what comes from more than 12,300 vehicles on the road.

Savings of Electricity

While energy saving light bulbs are more expensive compared to incandescent bulbs, they provide great savings over their lifespan because they last longer and use less amount of energy.


You can use Singapore energy saving light bulbs to replace incandescent light bulbs. Some CFL light bulbs are now available to work on 3-way lamps as well as on dimmer switchers.


LED light bulbs can stand up exceptionally well to strain from jarring and bumping. Moreover, because they do not contain a filament, they do not break as quickly as incandescent bulbs.

Costs of Energy Saving Lights

CFL light bulbs prices are ranging from $3 to $20 and can have energy savings of about $40 to $80. Your energy savings are obviously more than the initial costs of CFLs. LEDs are more expensive compared to CFLs, but their lifetime energy savings can more than offset the difference.

Disadvantages of Energy Saving Lighting

LED and CFL light bulbs are great sources of Singapore energy saving light bulbs, but they are not perfect. Here is a list of the limitations that you need to consider before deciding on having these energy saving lights:

1.) Warm-up time – repeated on-and- off cycling of CFLs could greatly lessen their rated lifespan of 10,000 hours. You could avoid placing this type of lights in closets and other areas where you just need a light for a few moments.

2.) Dimmers and timers – not all CFL light bulbs would fit a dimmer switch because some of them may produce inconsistent or poor quality light and produce an irritating buzz. There are CFL lights that are compatible with a dimmer switch, but they are more expensive than regular CFL lights. Likewise, not all CFL lights are fit to use for a timer. If you use an incompatible light bulb, it could lessen the rated lifespan of the CFL light bulb.

Singapore Energy Saving Light Bulbs

3.) Bathrooms and outdoors – high humidity and extreme temperatures can lessen the rated lifespan and light levels of Singapore energy saving light bulbs. If you intend them to use in the bathroom or outside, check out the package of the CFL if it is compatible.

4.) Color – a lot of people complain that CFLs produce cold or harsh lighting effects. However, this is an issue that is declining because of enhanced technology.

5.) Mercury – CFL lights have trace amounts of mercury, which is a neurotoxin considered to be particularly harmful to fetuses and children. A CFL may contain up to 5 mg. of mercury, which is 1/600th of the amount of mercury found in outdated mercury thermometers. This is much less the amount released by burning coal that electric plants use in order to fuel a less-efficient incandescent bulb.

In spite of the small amount of mercury in a CFL, this number remains a concern because it can be emitted into the environment if the light is disposed of improperly or gets broken. It is therefore important to be aware of the recycling programs and safe clean-up methods to maximize the excellent benefits of CFL to the environments.

As an alternative, consumer could use the other type of Singapore energy saving light bulbs – the LED, which does not have any of the limitations of the CFL. However, when it comes to cost and field of light, CFL lights win this category. LEDs cost at least double and normally more expensive by up to 10 times than CFL light bulbs. However, as new technology improves and costs continue to go down, LED lights and their great efficiency might soon become the preference of green lighters.

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